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3rd Canadian Conference on Geotechnique and Natura, Numerical Methods in the Geosciences, Urban 2001
Delft University of Technology - Department of Geo, Department of Geomatics at the University of Melbo, Geomatics Engineering, Joint Masters Program in Earth Observation
Basin and Range Geodetic Network, Curtin University Geodesy Group, Datum Pro, Faculty of Geodesy, Zagreb, Geodesy for the Layman, Geodesy Group at University of New Brunswick, Cana, Geodesy Laboratory & PANGA Data Analysis Facil, Geodetic Datum Overview, Geodetic Survey Division, James Q. Jacobs - Geodesy Page
Global Positioning System
Education, Guides, Marine and Aviation, Australian Global Positioning Systems Society, Cetus GPS, Chartracer Software, David L. Wilson's GPS Accuracy Web Page, Emily Programme, GENESIS, GIS Services, GPS ActiveX, GPS Applications Exchange, GPS by Globespotter
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Remote Sensing
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Delft Institute for Earth-Oriented Space Research
Research activities related to processing and analyzing space based Earth observations and modeling/computing the high precision satellite orbits that are often required for that type of analysis. Geodesy is also a research area.
Digital Earth
U.S. interagency Digital Earth working group: federal effort to implement Vice President Gore's Digital Earth concept (a vision for a global geospatial information network).
Geomatics, maps, scripts, portal, weather forecasts, help, samples, documentation and downloads.
Institute of Mathematical Geography
Articles, papers and Solstice, an electronic journal of the interaction between geography and mathematics.
Lawrence Lau's GPS research page
Detail of research into a processing algorithm for deformation monitoring and a brief introduction into GPS technology.
Moland - Monitoring Land Use / Cover Dynamics
Project aimed at providing a spatial planning tool that can be used for assessing, monitoring and modelling the development of urban and regional environments.
USGS: Geo Data
FTP File Access. These data files are for use in geographical information systems for analysis and integration with other geospatial data.