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Geochemical Analyses, Thermochemical
Economic Geochemistry
Touchstones-Gold Collaborative Research
Biogeochemistry Lab Facility (Purdue U.), Biomineralization (Paris-Sud U.), Center for Isotope Geoscience (U. of Florida), Chemistry and Geochemistry Department (Montana Tec, Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory (U. of Aalbo, Geochemistry Facilities (U. of Manitoba), Geochemistry Notes - GSC 300, Geological Survey of Japan Geochemistry Department, Geology and Geochemistry Group (Los Alamos Nationa, Isotope Geochemistry Group (Manchester U., UK)
AGU Biogeosciences Section, Association of Exploration Geochemists, Association of Petroleum Geochemical Explorationis, Division of Geochemistry, American Chemical Societ, European Association of Organic Geochemists, International Association of Geochemistry and Cosm, The Geochemical Society, The International Mineralogical Association, The Meteoritical Society
Neuhoff, Philip
Products and Services
Software, Australian Laboratory Services, Baseline DGSI Analytical Laboratories, CSIRO Petroleum -- Petroleum Geochemistry Group, Direct Geochemical Services, Environmental BioTechnologies, Inc., Exploration Geochemistry Services, Geo-Microbial Technologies, Inc., Isotech Laboratories, Inc. (Champaign, Il.)
Applied Geochemistry, Chemical Geology, Economic Geology, Environmental Geochemistry and Health, Geochemical Transactions, Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geosystems (G3), Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Marine Chemistry, Meteoritics and Planetary Science
Archives of ISOGEOCHEM
Searchable archives of the e-mail group for stable isotope geochemistry.
Information, discussion, and resources to help fulfill the scientific need to bridge the earth and life sciences.
Fluid Inclusions
Primarily a directory to fluid inclusion-related resources. Links are provided for old and upcoming meetings and short courses, a few organizations, and some archived forums on research issues.
Geotech.org - Geology and Geochemistry
Educational site for those interested in learning about surface exploration techniques used for oil and gas. Includes images, analogs, bibliographies, and services.
Information about the e-mail discussion list for stable isotope geochemistry. Includes many isotope-related links including available positions, research laboratories, short course and workshop listings, and a searchable message archive.
Martian Geochemistry
Summarizes the geochemical results obtained by NASA's Mars Pathfinder mission. Includes plots of geochemical trends, and comparisons with earlier Viking mission data as well as with Earth geochemistry.
Stable Isotopes and Mineral Resource Investigation
An information hand-out from the US Geological Survey, introducing the topic of stable isotopes and providing some examples of their use in determining the origins of mineral deposits in the United States.
The Geochemistry Portal
Organized collection of links, including news, organizations, universities, laboratories, publications, and databases. Has search and ability to submit links for inclusion.