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PEPM (Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Progr, PEPM'02, PEPM'94, PEPM'99
Metaobject Protocols
MetaObject Protocol: MOP, OpenJava
A GNU Make Quine, Quines, The Quine Page
Source Code Generators
AllFusion Plex, ApexSQL Code, AutoGen, CodeSmith, CodeWorker, Cotsec, iGenXSoft ProgCG, innoQ iQgen, Jostraca: A Template Engine for Generative Program, Liquid Technologies XML Data Binding Wizard
Code Generation Network
A resource for software engineers and architects interest in code generation with articles, interviews and a database of generation tools.
Dynamic Languages Group - MIT AI Lab
Covers reflection, self-modifying code or mutable MOPs, Dylan, and aspect-oriented programming.
Intentional Programming
Papers on the metaprogramming system and former MS research project in which software is viewed as a database and multiple source code representations can be used.
Meta CASE tool. It allows developer to build CASE tools that allows end user to use graphical object manipulation to design and maintain end user system. Incorporate high level visual programming interface. Provides multiplatform GUI and execution environment.
Metadata Centric Development
Description and examples of a metadata driven development practice, which reduces duplication of implicit metadata assumptions (field length) throughout the code.
An XML based Meta-Programming language. Also home of Metastorage, an application that is meant to automatically generate code from an high level data model definition.
Deticated to tools and information related to model-driven system development, aiming at supporting OMG's vision of MDA.
Partial Evaluation
Some links and references for this optimization technique, and prototypes in various languages.
Synthesizer Generator
A system for creating language-sensitive editors, interfaces, and environments from formal grammatical descriptions of any language. [Commercial]
The Program Generator Generator
A partial evaluation system for Scheme: Given a program P and a specification of which of the inputs are known in advance, PGG outputs a program generator which accepts the known inputs of P and outputs a specialized version of P. PGG is fully automatic and can process all valid Scheme programs.