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ADO.NET, Books, 15 Seconds: Data Access, ADO and SQL Server Developers' Guide, ADO Connection String Samples, ADO DataType Mapping, ADO FAQs, ADO Frequently Asked Questions, ADO.NET/C# Database Programming, ADOX FAQ, DataDirect Connect for ADO, DevGuru ADO Quick Reference Guide
LotusScriptor's Plain Simple Guide To The Lot
Microsoft Universal Data Access, Pooling in the Microsoft Data Access Components
Products, Microsoft ODBC, PC - ODBC - AS/400 FAQ, Progress ODBC FAQ, SQLSummit.com
HTMProvi, List of OLE DB Providers, Microsoft OLE DB, OLE DB for the ODBC Programmer, OLE DB Leveling: Choosing the Right Interfaces, OpenAccess OLE DB SDK, Sequiter OLE DB Consulting, SimbaProvider for OLAP
About.com: Database Development
Provides original feature articles, a collection of net links, forum discussions and a chat room devoted to database programming. By About.com, Inc.
Connection Strings List
Contains connectionstrings for all types of datasources, databases and files, via ODBC, OLEDB, DataShapes.
Generates program source code for DAO classes (Data Access Object). DaoGen is entirely web based service. It supports PHP and Java source code generation.
Database Administration and SQL Scripts
Database design using RDBMS software. Database administrator, software engineering, software articles, scripts and tools.
Database Design Guide
This article provides an overview of the most important steps on database design. It explains a wide range of design issues, code samples included.
Database Design Software
A multi vendor, cross platform database design tool for creating ERDs, building SQL queries, and round-trip engineering databases.
Database Journal
Daily database news and articles for the database professional.
Information and resources related to database development. Database Buyer's Guide. Tips, news, e-newsletter.
DevX: Database Development Zone
Your starting point for database programming, including answers to frequently-asked technical questions about database development, Get Help with DB2 and SQL Server, feature articles, links to the best database development sites, and news about database tools and updates.
MS Access, Excel Database Design Tutorials
Well written and thorough explanations on creating and maintaining database through MS Access and Excel.
Recognized Standards for Databases
Listed standards for database architectures including SQL, OLE, COM,CORBA. Links to DB Special Interest Groups and organizations too.
SQL-RDMBS HOW-TO for Linux (PostgreSQL Object Rela
Discussing database development on Linx (Database Servers, Front-end GUIs, Rapid Application Development tools, ODBC, JDBC, C, C++, Java, Perl); extensive and useful reference guide with many links to related websites.
The Database FAQ
An FAQ for database programmers using SQL relational databases.
Webmonkey Web-Database Tutorial
How to get started with web database programming: Five part lesson describing Operating System, Web Server and Database Server installation followed by introduction to web database programming in Perl/DBI.
XML for Analysis
Resources, news and information on XMLA, MDX, OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO).