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Power Outlets in Action: Windows Sockets
Code Samples
MASM Winsock Example, Socket Programming in C, Simple Examples
Components and Libraries
C++ Portable Types Library (PTypes), CAOPI, ColdFusion Socket Tag, EzSocket C Socket Library, HTTPort - TCP/IP through HTTP tunneling software, HTTrack Website Copier, Lcrzo network library, Libwww - the W3C Sample Code Library, Network library netwib, Platform Independent Network Programming Interface
FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
An Introduction to Sockets in C Through Annotated, BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer, Introduction to network functions in C, Java Tutorial Lesson: All About Sockets, Packet Sniffer, Programming UNIX Sockets in C - Frequently Asked Q, Sockets Programming, Spencer's Socket Site, The Winsock Tutorial, UNIX Socket FAQ
Internet Direct (Indy), Listen, ROI Sessions Plus, SocketWrench, SocktSpy, TcpTunnel & TcpPortal, TracePlus/Win32, TracePlus/Winsock, TracePlus32 Web Detective
FreeBSD: Sockets
FreeBSD Developers' Handbook chapter about using sockets
RFC 2292: Advanced Sockets API for IPv6
Defines some the advanced features of the sockets API that are required for applications to take advantage of additional features of IPv6.
Programming Resources for WinSock 1.1 and 2 including sample programs, specifications, and links. (Lewis Napper)
TCP/IP Raw Sockets
MSDN documentation about Raw Socket specification. Raw sockets can be used to create your own protocols.
Windows Sockets 2
Developer documentation of Winsock for all Windows platforms.
Windows Sockets Programming
Links to get started with WinSock programming. (Ed Snible)
WinSock Development Information
Sample programs, technical articles, links, and an extensive WinSock error reference. (Bob Quinn)