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deCODE genetics, Urdur, Verdandi, Skuld (UVS)
Landspitali - Haskolasjukrahus
Felag islenskra laekna i Noregi (FILIN), Oryrkjabandalag Islands (OBI), Samband psoriasis og exemsjuklinga a Islandi (SPOE, Samhjalp
Astromind cognitive research and development
Offers techniques to test, measure and increase Intelligence, Concentration, Consciousness and Awareness.
Blue Lagoon
Popular tourist resort and health clinic. The Lagoon is a pool of geothermal seawater. The company also sells their own line of skin care and psoriasis treatment products.
Heilsustofnun NLFÍ
Health clinic, offering professional rehabilitation and relaxation in peaceful surroundings.
Independent health database, Icelandic version of popular portal NetDoktor.com.