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Advanced Environmental Solutions, LLC, Alan Kropp and Associates, Allen Hubbard, BGC Engineering Inc., Coastal and Ocean Resources Inc., Columbia Geotechnical Associates, Cotton, Shires & Associates, Inc., Earth Research, Exploration Technologies, Inc., Geo-Marine Technology
Instruments and Supplies
Advanced Geosciences, Inc., Endecotts, Glenammer Engineering, Kovacs Enterprise, Optical Sensors for Meteorology, UltraViolet Lights for Fluorescent Mineral Collect
GeoGraphics, Geologic Data Systems, Geological Maps on the Web, Geology of Greenland Map Series, USGS NAWQA Digital Maps
Alan Speier Group, Blaspa, Inc., C Tech Development Corporation, DeltaPlot, Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere-Space Explorer and EarthMis, Geosoft Inc., Geostatistical Software Library (GSLIB), Geostatistics Template Library (GsTL), Integrated Geologic Modelling, Ltd., MIT Environmental Information Technology Group
American Educational Products
Teaching materials for earth sciences and other fields of science, including raised relief maps for classroom use.
CAESAR Consultancy
Consultancy in Cambridge providing specialist advice on scientific, technical, commercial topics in atmospheric, environmental and space research, education at the graduate and postgraduate level.
Engineering Tectonics
Provides geotechnical engineering, construction services, drilling and environmental services.
Petrographic service that provides geologists with detailed descriptions of rocks mineralogy, texture and alteration to help evaluate ore potential.
Other Worlds Educational Enterprises
Instructional aides for the earth science classroom, Science Olympiad, and home schools.