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AMEA // World Museum of Erotic Art
A journey through the past and present of erotic art through exhibits, a postcardservice, a bookstore and much more.
Ancient Erotic Art Gallery
Pornographic art from before 1980, by subject and artist.
Apollonius.Net - Greco-Roman Erotic Art
Images, sculpture, home decorations, and other ancient art.
Barcelona Erotic Art
An online site representing erotic art, from a number of talented artists in Barcelona, this is an infusion of music with fashion and erotic images of all sexual expressions.
CNN.com: Arts & Style
Naples museum exposes public to ancient erotica, artworks and video.
Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica
A collection of vintage erotic photos, art, movies, literature, and other naughtiness from antiquity through 1935.
Erotic Arts of India
Some articles and a lot of pictures of ancient indian erotic sculptures, paintings and engravings.
Erotic Museum of Barcelona
Includes philosophy, gallery, news, location information, and links.
Fetish Cats
Archive of 19th and early 20th century erotica artists, publishers and illustrations from vintage and clandestine European erotic literature.
History of Erotica
History of erotica: Pornography, pinups and ancient erotic art.
L'origine du monde
A collection of paintings, lithographies and etchings from 18th to 21st century with some additional useful information.
Museum Erotica Copenhagen
Specializes in the history of erotica and erotic art, from paintings to postcards, photos, films, magazines, sculptures, and sex-toys.
Phallus Gallery
Features a gallery of artistic works from ancient Rome.
Historic Smut for the Discerning Voyeur - Collection of bawdy literature and erotic art spanning the 15th through 19th centuries.
Rome Art Museum
Virtual museum, currently exhibiting the erotic art of ancient Rome.
Sensuality in Art
The explanation of sensuality in literature, painting and sculpture.
Solomon's Refuge - Secret Room
The article and ancient erotic images from Pompeii and Herculaneum.
Spanking Drawings
Over 400 spanking drawings. Original Spanking PhotoPhantasies, judicial whipping, punishment in front of witness, disobedient girls, Comics, etc.
The Erotica Bibliophile
A website dedicated to erotic art and publishers from the 1880s through the 1950s with an emphasis on BDSM related themes and extensive artist bibliographies.
The History of Erotica
Sex in history, erotica in arts from ancient Greece till nowadays.
The World History of Male Love Museum
Ancient homosexual art: Sculptures and paintings from Greece, Rome, the European Renaissance, Indian, and Japan, linked to a library of related gay myths and folk tales.
World Art Erotica Museum of Love and Sexuality
Sexy sensual art and literature from around the world celebrating love and human sexuality. For couples and singles; gay or straight. Free Preview of African, Indian, European and Islamic erotica. [Membership]