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Angels Sex Story 4U
Forum whose members post stories about "slutty wives." Also includes photos uploaded by members.
Poetry, stories, and essays. Submissions accepted.
Journal, pictures, poetry, and erotic stories.
Erotica By Clohi
Mostly group sex stories written by several authors, including accounts of real encounters. Also offers DVD reviews.
Literary Brothel
Essays, articles, poems, and screenplays on a variety of topics, from a group of writers.
Love Lust & Literature
Members post stories, fantasies and experiences for all to read and comment on. Also includes explicit photos.
Nicholas Alan Tillemans' Home Page
Neo-foundationalist philosophy and brutal, perverse fiction stylings. Includes monthly rants and excerpts from two unpublished novels.
Nirvana Flats
Poetry, spoken word, fiction, non-fiction, art and photography. Submissions accepted.
Pink Pussycat's Corner
Stories and poems by Pink Pussycat and others. Includes voyeurism, threesomes, one-night stands, and incest. Also offers personal journal and a fractal art gallery.
Sex, Business and Secrets
Collection of stories and advice regarding the workplace.
Solomon's Refuge
Erotic stories, articles, and commentary. Includes links to information about ancient pornography and a bookstore.
The Temple of Pamphage
Fantasy writing by Pamphage in formats including plays, novels, poems, and short stories. Also includes photo galleries that require purchase of membership.