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A New Sensation: Keys to Sensual Writing
By Julie Anne Parks. How-to advice and inspiration for erotica writers.
Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository
The purpose of this page is to provide authors with links to various websites and other useful online information in the pursuit of better writing.
Association of Erotic Artists
To promote the work of erotic artists having a connection to Great Britain, Europe and the Commonwealth.
Authors of Literary Erotica Web Ring
For published authors, editors and publishers of literary erotica. A ring where published erotica authors may showcase their work and network with other authors and editors.
Authors of?Erotic Paranormal Romance Webring
Authors of published book-length erotic paranormal and fantasy romance. This is a literary ring. No porn allowed.
BDSM Scribes
Feedback and discussion for BDSM erotica writers.
Bedtime Stories
The first step towards being a published author. Written by Josephine Scott, Editor-in-Chief at The Olympia Press.
Can You Write Porn? - Part I
Book Excerpt from It's A Dirty Job...Writing Porn For Fun and Profit by Katy Terrega.
Desdmona's Fish Tank
A writer's group for authors of erotic stories. Have your story reviewed prior to publication, and help others review their stories.
Erotica writers' workshop, moderated by Mary Anne Mohanraj. This is a Yahoo Adult Group. You must be 18 to subscribe.
Erotic Scribblers
For all writers of erotica including short stories, novels, novellas, poetry, and letters. Published and unpublished writers welcomed.
Erotica Factor
For erotica writers to hone their craft and break into the written-sex markets.
Erotica Readers Association - Author Resource Libr
Author related issues, including copyright and publishing information. A list of reference and resource books that help with the technical side of writing, along with books on how to publish and who to publish with.
Essence of Erotica
A collection of author and publisher websites featuring erotic stories, books and poetry. For lovers of tasteful erotica literature.
A place for content creators and buyers of gay and lesbian content to hook up and do business.
An online women's erotica writing workshop.
Hot Erotica Web Ring
This ring is for writers and fans of erotica romances. It is not for porn. Only for tastefully written erotica and romantica stories.
Hot Tips for Hot Writers
Tips on writing sex scenes, improving writing techniques, and getting published from Kerri Sharp, Editor of Black Lace Books.
How to write Leather Erotica and Get Published
Writing advice from Cain Berlinger, one of Allyson publications best gay writers of 1997.
How To Write Sex Stories Good
An article written by Michael K. Smith on writing a good erotic story.
Katy Terrega - Resources for Writers of Porn and E
Includes her free newsletter, writing tips, a short story contest, market information, clinics, and manuscript critiques.
An interactive resource site for writers, artists and poets. A place to get exposure, get feedback, discuss the latest tools of your craft, network, view others work, get inspiration, or just hang out.
Literotica.com: Writer's Resources
Essays and how-to articles from the writers at Literotica.com that will help improve your writing.
Mary Anne's Writing Resources
Resources for erotica writers from Mary Anne Mohanraj. Articles on technique, the genre, the writing process, and the business end of writing. There is also a list of markets.
Mood, Genre, and Erotica
An article on questions, mood vs. genre, and mixing mood and genre.
My Pleasure - Sexy Writing Exercise
Writing exercise from erotica expert Susie Bright.
Oooh: The Ins and Outs of Writing Sex
A Verge Magazine feature article by Todd Jackson.
Poison Pen's Guide for Amateur Writers of Ero
The basics for novice writers from spelling and grammar to choosing a pen name by Andrew Nellis.
Quality of Course
The Writing School at Quality of Course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will obtain a professional diploma in Erotica Writing.
Sex Blogs Newsletter
Newsletter for adult writers in general with a focus on sex blog writing.
Sex-Porn Thesaurus
Thesaurus for writers of adult content.
Market resource guide for sex/ erotica writers. Pay site.
Sexforyourhead.com: Adult Writer's Cooperativ
A place for erotica writers to self publish, be read and get paid.
Sexual Synonyms
A thesaurus of sexual terms and their street slang equivalents.
Smart Groups: Adult Articles Only
This is an outlet for writers to deliver their free reprint articles to adult ezine publishers and webmasters of adult sites.
So you Want to be a Writer?
Erotic Fiction: A Writer's Perspective. An essay on the erotic novel market and its trends by Ray Girvan.
Spectator.net - Smut 101
"A Pornographer's Guide to Writing Scorching, Stylish, Sellable Erotica" by M. Christian.
Suite101: Writing Erotica
Linda Alexander writes a how-to column for erotica writers. Archive of articles.
Discussion board for readers and writers of erotica. Join to discuss writing, get market listings, share feedback and meet others in the community.
Tips on Writing Erotica
10 tips for writing erotica by Oliver Klosov.
Tommyhawk's Guide to Writing Erotica
This primer is about writing quality gay erotica, but it has useful suggestions for all writers.
Tribe: Erotic Fiction
A place to discuss both reading and writing of erotic stories (your own, or others' with the author's permission) or links to them.
Tribe: Erotique
An online group for serious erotica writers. Erotica critique, inspiration, support and just plain sharing thoughts about writing erotic fiction.
Underground Writing, Part III: Writing Pornography
Article by Daryln Brewer about some of the negative aspects of writing erotica for a living.
Writing About Sex
An article about the two ways to write about sex: literal and metaphorical.
Writing and Selling Erotica Fiction
Article by Catherine Lundoff.
Writing Erotica
An article by John McMullen on his biases, fetish fiction, mechanical details, narrative voice and distance, predictable plots and boring sex, suggestions, and scenarios.
Yahoo Groups: Erotic_Mysteries
For writers of erotica. Whether it be mysteries, thrillers, hardboiled crime, horror, fantasies, or romance.