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Audio, video, and images about suicides, beheadings, and other violent acts. Also features a blog that integrates news and morbid commentary.
Cabecao Home Page
Photographs and videos of murder, suicide, dismemberment, mutiliation, and abortions; offered in english and portuguese versions.
Large collection of vintage, decapitated, and medical corpse photographs. [Adult Check]
Celebrity Morgue
Autopsy and death scene photographs of several celebrities; short descriptions of the death accompany the photographs.
Offers a new corpse photograph each week, as well as a few related links.
Crime Scene Photo
Crime scene photos from real police files.
Crime Through Time
Official site of the museum. Galleries of criminals, murder victims, but also fetish sex.
Small personal collection of corpse and violence photographs.
Photographs of murder victims, violent accidents, and autopsies. Some violent writing and information about local Tennessee metal bands.
Find A Death
Directory detailing the life and death of many celebrities, including some photographs.
Message board where visitors post gory, bizarre, and pornographic photographs.
Life of Debauchery .com
Online community with a focus on pain, the dead, and pornography. Find an extensive categorized image gallery, forums, news, and chat.
Pictures, movies, and stories of a pornographic, gory, and/or humerous nature.
Meat or Accident
Online quiz where users must determine if close up cropped photographs depict an edible meat product or violent accident victim.
Miss Strict's Gore Galleries
Black and white postmortem, crime scene, erotic cane, and fetish photos. Also find information on serial killers, a webcam and related links.
Collection of autopsy, murder, crime scene, disease, and wound photographs. Some dead child photographs.
Graphic and often violent photographs, news, and stories about murder, suicide, and brutality.
One Under Ground
Includes photos and documents of crime scenes and disasters as well as other highly controversial information. [Membership]
Rotten dot com
Photographs and news about violent fatalities, murder, suicide, and bizarre events.
Extensive collection of photographs, videos, and cartoons of violence, wounds, and crime scenes. Some humor and pornography, as well. English and German versions.
Send Me Your Wound
A web log dedicated to visitor-submitted wound and violence photographs. Also contains some miscellaneous humor pictures and videos.
While focusing mainly on actual violent photographs and videos, this site also has a collection of pictorial humor and social commentary.
Collection of photographs and videos depicting violence, accidents, extreme art, and bizarre sex acts.
Photographs and articles about corpses, murder, wounds, disfigurement, torture, and urban legends.
An extensive death mask and nineteenth century post mortem photography collection. Also find a forum, links, and alternative electronic greeting cards.
Uncle Kenny's Basement
Collection of corpse, violence, and wound photographs.
Weird Picture Archive
Collection of photographs depicting deformities, odd medical conditions, injuries, and corpses.
World of Death
A collection of violent accident, murder, and suicide scene photographs and corpses.