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1001 mailgreetings
Daily humourous picture and archives containing gross, digusting, funny, adult, sentimental, friendly and romantic greetings as well as forwards, chainletters, babes and games.
101 Big Dick Jokes
Archive of original big dick jokes.
Aardvark Archie's Guide to Rude Humor
Categorized collection of jokes, quotes, and images.
About Sex Humour Page
Adult cartoons, Seinfeld sex dictionary, stories, and top 10 lists.
Adult Dirty Jokes
Contains jokes and pictures.
Adult Jokes
A wide variety of adult jokes. All jokes have been read before being put on the site to guarantee laughter.
Amish Porn Paradise
A comical top list of the best hot amish porn sites.
Antics of the Inebriated
Illustrated reports on the behaviour of those that have had too much to drink.
Beer Versus Pussy
Every man has had to decide at one point, who wins this ultimate battle?
Best Adult Humor
A quick reference guide to adult humor on the web.
Braisco's Humor Corner
An original humor site with jokes, weekly columns, and a free mailing list featuring the question of the week. Also included is personalized e-mail from Slokko the bi-polar cat.
Cartoon Girls I Wanna Nail
A site dedicated to every cartoon character that has ever given the webmaster a boner.
If a picture is worth a thousand words then a cartoon is worth a thousand laughs.
Celebrity Insider
Adult humor and parody site in the tradition of "National Lampoon" and "The Onion". Features articles, spoofing, celebrities, plus a "nude scenes" directory and celebrity links.
Funny pictures, flash games, and media clips.
Crazy E-mail Attachments
Funny, crazy, extreme and naughty files, pictures, screensavers, sounds, animations, movies, cartoons, games, and programs. Mostly adult.
Crude insight, adult humor and commentary. Be prepared to be offended.
CurlyDavid's Joke World
Sexual related humor, jokes, pics, and daily mailing list.
Funny WAV files.
Cyberspace Insanity
Photo sets include freaks of nature and other oddities.
Da Nerd
Funny and sexy video clips. Adult humor, funny pictures, and games.
Digital Diarrhea
These three babes are ready, willing and able to give you a workout you'll never forget.
Dirty Joke Post
Read through thousands of dirty jokes, or post your own.
Dirty Jokes Site
Contains tons of dirty jokes.
Dog Toy or Marital Aid
Look at a picture and decide which it is. Two levels of difficulty.
Don't Blow
Humorous and unusual links and pictures.
eBaum's World
Funny and sexy media clips, pictures and games.
EJB dot com
Funny and sexy videos, pictures, and games.
EN Freaks
Funny pictures, games, movies and jokes.
Extreme Jokes
A searchable database of humor links, including Adult, where listings can be submitted for consideration. Includes humorous e-cards and a jokes archive.
Fantasia: Modern Humorist
The return of a hit Disney film/lap dancer.
Sexy pictures, funny and extreme videos, Flash games, and links.
Female Site
Cartoons, blond jokes, and women definitions.
Filthy Humor
Offers jokes, cartoons, greeting cards, comics, videos, and pictures.
Just desserts for acutely unsightly people who foolishly posted their photos to the Web.
Videos in mpg, sounds in mp3, jokes and images.
Funny Comics and Dirty Cartoons
A collection of dirty comics and cartoons about sex, politics and religion.
Funny Xxxclips.net
A collection of adult jokes. New jokes every day.
Jokes and other funny stuff online, with a log-in feature that tracks the jokes you've already read.
A collection of X-Rated cartoons, dirty jokes, and funny adult pictures and animations.
Furniture Porn
Erotic pictures of furniture in some highly sexual poses.
Vegetable chick of the week. Everything-nothing type site. Shock comedy humor rant and ranting like Howard Stern and Stile Project.
Good Pussy Gone Bad
Forum, jokes, and stories for men.
Funny media including pictures, games, and jokes.
Heartless's Holey Haven
Featuring Stupid Penis Tricks, Smokin' Hotties and Porn Her Way. Will make a grown man cry.
Everyone should go through life naked and laughing.
Horny Humor
Offers funny adult pictures, sex cartoons, movies, dirty comics, and animations for free.
Howard Stern: KOAM
The original Howard Stern superfan site.
Daily humor. Movies, pictures and Flash animations.
Large humor-oriented community with message boards to share and discuss jokes plus a large archive of funny pictures.
Jokes and Stuff
Adult jokes, tasteless jokes, pictures, downloads, and some links.
Jokes around the world
The classic rec.humor.funny dirty jokes, allegedly contributed by visitors.
Jokes4u Animated Joke Pages
Nine adult jokes illustrated by funny cartoons and animations. A Sheep date? 'Thar she blows'. Also includes the fan club for men.
Daily videos, pictures and Flash games.
Kill My Day
Sexy pictures, funny videos, and adult humor.
Funny and sexy videos, games and pictures.
Liquored Up
Listen to phone harassment, watch video downloads, and read lots of self-serving babble.
Madjecks Virtual Squirrel
Collection of situational cartoons.
Mere Mummery
Sexy, satirical, irreverent and absurd. A site where nothing is sacred.
Modem Thug
Message board with a variety of entries.
Daily videos, pictures, Flash games and animations.
Name That Porno
Take the title of a standard movie and rename it with a porno theme. Submissions accepted.
Scanned pictures of male genitalia in flaccid and humorous states, taken using a flatbed device.
Ooze Magazine
Articles on dangerous masturbation, the middle finger, and other outrageous humor.
Ownage Videos
Extreme media including sexy and funny videos, adult humor, and reality theme.
Live music and outrageous comedy.
Pun Fun
Adult photo humour suitable for the presidential palate.
Sex Poems From Sexadilly
Humorous sex poems about sexual intercourse, BDSM, and fetishes.
Shoosh Time
Funny and sexy videos.
Skinners Web Site
Free entertainment for everyone, comedy, fast cars and beautiful women.
Pictures of naturally large breasts along with commentary.
Stick Snuff and Gore
Extreme stick gore: stick people in precarious situations.
Strange Lands
Includes sections on daily cartoons, adult Barbie humor, miscellanous funny pictures, and categorized humor pages.
A look at people running nude in public. Famous streakers, news stories, and anecdotes.
Synonyms for Masturbation
Really large list of 'popular' terms, applied to both male and female masturbation.
Tampa Bay Drunks
A guide to the bars, clubs and nightlife of Tampa Bay from a drunkard's point of view.
Telebubby Fun Land
A parody web site that features animations of the popular children's television characters drinking vodka, smoking, and sodomizing sheep. Shockwave enhanced.
The Ferrett's Domain
Rabidly humorous essays and bizarre anecdotes.
The First Church of Appliantology
With your spiritual leader, L. Ron Hoover.
The Funny Bone Wav Files
Many humorous regular and adult wavs.
The Joker
Magazine containing adult jokes and cartoons. A new bikini girl pinup featured each month, amateur models selected from our readers.
The New Site of the Weird
Articles and pictures covering sex, fetishes and offbeat topics.
The Rules of Bedroom Golf
The rules of bedroom golf and other funny stuff
The Stile Project
Offers daily commentary, web cams, views on culture, news, games, and weird featured sites.
The Top Cliches of Alt.sex.stories
A listing of the most outrageous, overused, over-abused, worn-out story cliches seen in erotic stories posted to the internet.
Funny pictures, videos, and games.
Turtles House of Whoop Ass
Funny pictures, WAVs and audio.
Vellunet HQ
Cartoon pics and jokes.
Web P-Libs
Works very much like Mad-Libs, but site randomly fills in words from selected dictionary.
Weigh Your Boobs Online
Web application to calculate the weight of your breasts online. Claims 93% accuracy.
Interactive postcards, demented games and diversions, sick and twisted animations, other tasteless humor.