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A nonprescription, homeopathic alternative to Viagra, is a unique aphrodisiac which has been documented to increase sexual desire.
Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate
Synthesized human pheromones for attracting women.
Dream Cream
A female orgasm and sexual sensation enhancer that works like a natural aphrodisiac to increase a woman's pleasure.
Enhanced Sex
Potent nutrient Avena Sativa extract dramatically stimulates the sex drive,energize and increase sexual performance and frequency.
Frank Bush
Shopping for vitamin formulations for men and fragrances to help attract women.
Intimate Research
Crave romance? Attract the opposite sex with fragrances containing human pheromones from our online catalog. Cologne and perfumes from Intimate Research.
Attract the opposite sex with scientifically engineered pheromones.
M.C. Marble Co, Inc.
Beaches Body oil, the most powerful sexual attractant on the market today.
Pau Yuen Tong
Sex enhancement balms including Blooming Rose foreplay ointment.
Order pheromone formula online with credit card.
Pheromone Sex Attractant for Men
Perfume with Nature's secret weapon: Pheromones. Awaken her appetite for sex, the same as the smell of food awakens hunger.
Pheromones Marketing International
General and research information, products and testimonials from guys and girls.
Selection of poppers and video head cleaners and other products.
Powerful Sexual Attractants
Pheromone-based productes with synthetic Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone.
Primal Instincts
Attract women with new pheromone product available on the market.
Pursuit Of Health
Specializing in herbal products for gay men, sex enhancer, immune system support product, and natural energy booster.
Radical Merchandise
Selling bottles of androstenone pheromone concentrate to the public or wholesale.
Riverdale Organics
Riverdale Organics offers herbs, extracts and pills.
Same sex attractants with pheromones to attract gay men or gay women who enjoy an alternative lifestyle.
All natural male dietary supplement to make semen taste great.
Sex In A Bottle
A pheromone pocket spray formulated and approved in the UK and sold worldwide.
Sweet Secret
All natural semen sweetener and sexual fluid enhancer.
The Human Pheromone Discovery
Dr. Winnifred Cutler's co-discovery of pheromones in humans.
Uneet Co.
Human pheromones and scented love potions.
Selling cream to increase sexual arousal, and other skin products.