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Animation Express: Stop Motion Animations
Examples submitted by beginning and amateur stop motion animators. Requires QuickTime player.
Animation Toolworks
This company offers the LunchBox Sync which is a dedicated frame/image capturing device to provide instant feedback for animators. Many uses include syncing for pencil tests or stop motion, also for demo reels, previews, animatics, reference tests, student projects, festival entries, and web animation.
Animation und Puppenbau - Juergen Kling
Studio in Germany offering stop motion animation production services, ball-socket armatures, puppetmaking, sets, props, and modelmaking. There is also English version of this site.
Computer based stop-motion software for the PC platform. Allows recording of your stop motion animations with added features to check the animation quality and progress. Trial version available for try out.
Animators Web Ring
Website networking tool where animation related sites are linked together through a banner displayed at each website. Offers visitors more exposure to other animation sites. Free to join and become a member of this web ring.
Stop motion animation armature parts and kits for building a variety of jointed armatures such as humans, elephants, and grasshoppers. Affordable prices for those starting in puppet animation.
At Last, Foam Puppet Fabrication Explained!
Article from Animation World Magazine. An overview of the general methods used in stop motion puppet fabrication starting from design, then machining jointed armature, sculpting, molding, and foam latex rubber casting.
Bricks In Motion
This site is about the specialty area of using the Lego building brick components of this modular build-it-yourself toy system and bringing them to animated life using stop motion animation methods. Includes how-to information and tutorials.
BTV - Mac Animation
Video software with frame capture features specifically for animation applications, such as stop motion, clay, and drawn. Also features timelapse and motion detection.
Building Ball-Socket Armatures
Description and photos showing the construction of stop motion animation puppet armature joints using common tools and basic metalworking methods.
Burman Industries, Inc.
This company offers materials, supplies, how-to videos and books for prosthetic/animatronic special effects, which use many similar fabrication techniques to create stop motion animation puppets.
Clay Animation & Sculpture
Stop motion animation movies and pictures created with clay. [Some pages from this site not viewable with some browsers]
Clay Animation How-To Page
A brief tutorial on how to make clay puppets and animate/film them. Many links to stop motion/puppet animation related web sites.
Clay Animation Made Easy
Example of clay and stop motion animation used in an elementary school curriculum. Educators using this tactile animation medium to help encourage language, mathematical, logical, spatial, collaborative and creativity skills.
Darkstrider: Explorations in the Art of Stop Motio
Information about the European style of puppet animation in the more purer form where characters are stylized, surreal (as puppets), and are not represented as photo realistic. Site also includes ongoing diary of experimentations with stop motion methods.
Do it Yourself Foam Latex Puppet Making 101
This video or dvd tutorial is available for purchase which shows the general basics of constructing a stop motion animation puppet using the clay sculpting & molding method, foam rubber latex casting, seaming, and final painting of the puppet.
This is an inexpensive shareware stop motion animation program for the Apple/Macintosh platform, that enables the users, from novices to professionals, to capture and create animation.
Gethin Coles Timelapse Cinematography
A variation of stop motion called timelapse cinematography. A process whereby film is exposed one frame at at time with an interval inbetween each exposure. It is similar to animation but used most frequently to reveal natural processes that happen too slowly to be seen with the naked eye.
Easy to use Stop Motion animation software for Mac OS X. Allows you to use your computer and DV camcorder or USB webcams to capture single frames for stop motion or time lapse applications.
John Wright Modelmaking
A special effects shop in England that designs and fabricates miniature models for use in puppet animation, offers ball and socket joint parts for do-it-yourself armature fabrication, and they also engineer custom stop motion animation armatures.
La Pate à Modeler Animée
A clay animation site using digital still camera to record the animation and includes basic, finished animations. Includes some tutorials showing how it was done. The site is in French and has English translation.
Lima SMA Website
Stop motion animation personal website page that also includes informational tips for those who want to make their own stop motion movies.
Loose Moose Animation
Award winning stop motion animation company using puppets, clay animation and CGI. Best known for their Brisk Iced Tea television commercials.
A shareware program that helps in the analysis of a recorded voice for lip-sync. Applicable to a variety of animation methods including stop motion. It provides a set of tools for the precise timing of the character's mouth movements and suggests how it should look at each frame of the animation.
Menagerie Productions
Fantasy and paleo sculpture, one-of-a-kind commissions, character design and maquette creation for special projects. Also experienced in stop motion model fabrication, covering the entire process from design through armature construction, molding, foam casting and finishing.
Michael Davy Film & TV
Distributor-supplier of a more user friendly 3 part foam latex system. M.D. Foam Latex can be used for casting stop motion animation puppets. Listed under "products" then go to "latex products".
Miles and Jules Studio
Independent studio in Australia utilizing stop motion animation techniques. Included are many behind the scenes photos and general overview description of methods used in producing their stop motion projects which is outlined in their online journal.
ModularHose.com: Armatures
A modular, poseable hose system that can be adapted and modified for use as stop motion puppet armatures, and can be used in "built-up" puppet constructions.
A freeware digital pencil test animation program for Windows. It also has additional features that can be used for stop motion animation, clay animation, cut-out animation and the creation of traditional puppet films.
MovieStuff Transfers
For those shooting stop motion using Super 8 film format, this company offers low cost film-to-digital transfers of your Super 8 animation. Film is transferred to miniDV tape format and ready for downloading to your computer.
Nick Hilligoss
Animator from Australia who has done many creative stop motion shorts which have won awards. His photo album site shows you some behind-the-scenes and fabrication methods overview in the creation of animation puppets.
Paint Specialties Laboratory
Manufacturer of a concentrated water based, flexible and durable paint, that can be used on foam rubber materials for stop motion animation puppets and prosthetic make-up special effects.
Ray Harryhausen
The life and career of the special effects, stop-motion animator.
Sanyo iDshot Digital Disk Cam
One of the very few consumer digital camcorders that can shoot single frames and can be used for stop motion work. When the iDshot is used for animation, it does not need to be connected to computer.
Stop Motion Armature Machining Book
Provides general instructions about machining and metal working techniques for the fabrication of armature joints which are used inside stop motion puppets. This is an intermediate level book which assumes you have some understanding of metal working principles.
Stop Motion E-mail Forum
Community for discussing the craft with other hobbyists and professionals.
Stop Motion Film
A resource and informational website from Germany about stop motion animation. Also, there is an English version of this site.
Stop Motion Pro
For Windows PCs, a mid-priced frame capturing program for professional level stop motion animation, clay animation, pixillation, and cut out animation techniques.
Stop Motion Works
Information and how-to technical tips on animated puppetry. Dedicated web site for hobbyists and professionals practicing the unique art and craft of stop motion animation.
Stop-Motion Filmography
A website reviewing this detailed book about stop motion animation in motion pictures or television, specifically, where the stop motion puppets were used to interact with live action/people.
StopMoShorts Film Fest
A showcase-venue for beginning to advance animators specializing in stop motion techniques to display their works. Submission guidelines are established on a theme or subject to stimulate and encourage animator's story telling creativity.
Information, resources, library, and how-to instructionals.
The Art of Stop Motion Animation
Overview about stop motion animation and general how-to aspects. Covers films and television shows using stop motion. Also, behind the scene photos of professional animator's work.
The Clay Animation Home Page
Site that includes, resources, discussion group, materials & supplies links, and other information for those wanting to learn about stop motion clay animation.
The Clay Animation Station
For beginners/students, general information about getting started in clay animation. Includes tips, tricks, and resources.
The Clayman's 3D Cartoon Communications
Stop motion, computer animation, sculptural illustration and character design for advertising, entertainment and education.
The Puppetry Home Page
Lists information and resources; covering traditional puppetry, animatronics, and stop motion puppet animation.
The Seventh Voyage.Com
Site which is dedicated to the films and creations of stop motion animator Ray Harryhausen. Updated regularly.
Toxic Mom's Studio
A full facility sculpture, design, prototyping art studio specializing in toys and action figures. Also experienced in stop motion puppet fabrication and animatronics-cable puppetry work.
This is an animation software for the use in stop motion and clay animation. Offered by Tech4Learning which has extensive online documentation and training manuals about VideoBlender. It can be used on the PC or Mac platform.
Xipster Instant Animator
Frame capture software with user friendly interface for beginning animators to quickly learn animation basics. Includes its own sound effects to quickly assemble & complete short animated sequences.