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Berko Da Chook, Blackmaze Productions, Cletus the Fetus, Clone Coconuts, Covenant Animation, Cyber Virtual Worlds, Dilosh's Comic Characters, giantheads, H2K Genesis, Haunted House Dressing
Developer Tools
Flash Text Effects, Suite101: Learn Flash
About.com: Graphics, Animation, and Threads, Angel's applets
Portals and Networks
I Want My Flash TV, Mondo Mini Shows, Romp.com, Submarine Channel, ZanyCartoons.com
Pucca - Funny Love, 5 Kids in a Car, Bark vs Meow, Bulbo.com, Cooking with Bigfoot, Julius and Friends, Lobo, Marvin The Martian in 3D, Monsieur Gustave, Romero and Rickey, Sam the Dog
Adventures of Skeeter
Features an interactive cartoon. New episodes every month.
Allow to Infuse
Featured comics by Stefan J.H. van Dinther include The Newspaper Trick, The Leader of People and Instructions.
Angry Alien Productions
Animation by Jennifer Shiman, featuring the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre doing re-enactments of movies.
Apocalypse Cartoons
Features Father Tucker, Fear and Loathing, Grandma's Independence Day and The Living Abortion. Offers sketches, episodes, about and downloads.
Features the issues, the characters, the letters and the credits.
Beyond Grandpa
From Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. Features cartoons, animation and entertainment.
Captain Wacky
Featuring several series including the Gordon Show, Spud-u-don't-like, BagBoy and The Taahnies.
Captain Wuli
Features include story, adventures, news, research and engineering.
Cartoon Canyon
Features a collection of animated shorts. Updated weekly.
Cartoon Webcam
An ordinary family stars in a collection of animated cartoons. Features include Beach Cam, Bike Cam and Dinner Table Cam. Includes about the artist.
Cocao and Vanilla
Features cartoons about two hamsters. Includes history, poll, games, and trivia.
Crazy Cartoons
A selection of interactive Flash cartoons, ranging from the distasteful to the light-hearted.
Designs and Wonders
Features animated scriptures, biblical stories and proverbs and political humor.
Digital Nightmare Arts
Offers animated entertainment including cartoons, games and 3D. Requires Quicktime.
Digital Pigg
A Pigs adventures on the Internet. Features a collection of Flash cartoons.
Dog Trax
Home of Freakville, Maynard and Cleetus, Geriatric Skeet Shooting and RatBlaster.
Drifter TV
Short animated films by Nils Mühlenbruch. Information about the project, news, and links [requires Flash].
Eric The Worm
Flash animated cartoons of the adventures and misadventures of an invertebrate.
A collection of flash animation cartoons. Includes The Dentist and Litterbox.
Fantastic TV
Features the cartoon series Sickcom, Moonshine Shanty, Rat and Roach, Lenny the Pimp and short films, comics and trip cinema.
British comedy about a strange town in Yorkshire.
A collection of shorts, some interactive. Features downloads and contact info.
Offers short funny stories made in Flash, about big intelligent rat and his friends. Includes list of characters and archive.
Fred Koning Flash Cartoons
Features Talking Heads, Traces of the Missing Link, The Great Chicken Disaster and other Flash animations. In English and Dutch.
Frogmans Funnies
Original comic animations. [Best viewed with Internet Explorer]
Fwak! Animation
Flash cartoons for the web by Eddie Mort and Lili Chin: Rudo By Night, Dr Amoeba, and Afro Baby. Information and links.
Geeen Comix
Offers a collection of 2D and 3D characters and stories. Features clips to download, GIF, Flash and AVI. Some require DIVx.
Cartoon animations, Flash movies, and games featuring many oddball characters. Also includes screensavers and links to various humorous Flash movie sites.
Hate Order
An archive of the work of Tool_Of_The_System. Offers games and movies.
Heads that Shine
The adventures of Oscar and Cesar, two crazy guys who only think in moveas and TV. Features comics, gags, and animations. In English and Spanish. Requires Flash.
Hi Noon
Collection of short animated cartoons and holiday interactive comics.
Interactive neurotica. Offers a collection featuring everyday life.
Follows the adventures of a part-man, part-manatee superhero. Features include a list of episodes, the history, characters and archives.
I Hate You: The Site
Web Comic by Alex Thobaben, featuring talking twinkies and exploding heads.
Cartoon network offers interactive Flash, QuickTime movies, 3D and featured episodes.
Jacked Cartoons
Original animations, games and a discussion forum.
Catalogue of animated cartoons. Also features games, phone pranks, comics and ecards.
Justin T. Nick of Time Adventures
Features an action animated series. Includes the cast of characters and an episode guide.
Features the adventures of Karl and his friends.
Offers sitcoms, fun and games and a directory.
Kids on Drugs
A collection of animated music videos. Features news, spam club and ecards.
Spotlights a collection of Flash cartoons featuring the misfortunes of an orange moose.
Kill Nelson
A gallery of animated GIFs featuring the demise of a stick figure.
Collection includes Kill the Fly, Shoot the Bug and She Devil's Strip Show.
Features the episodes Something in the Air, What Breaks?, Trailer 2 and Trailer 1 - Grandma's Revenge.
Manic Baby
Original animation and films, including "Bill Jones, Insane Spider-Boy," "Silent Banana Theatre," and "CHUCK." Created by Justin Hannah and Pudgy Neuter.
Flash animations, including the story of an arm with superhero powers, cartoons, reviews and funny songs.
Nomad Radio Pictures
Features animated cartoons, short audio streams, odd collections and stories.
Dracula's granddaughter and Van Helsing's grandson end up in the same high school history class.
Orlando Movie Project
A collection of animated Flash cartoons.
Inspired by recent news stories about panda pornography being produced by Chinese zoo keepers, comes a collection of goofy short animations.
Flash cartoons and other projects by artist John Gentry. Featured titles: The Adventures of Calvin Carcass, Rockin' Chair Planet, and Final Acres.
Animated cartoons featuring Polymorf characters.
Post-It Theater
Hand-drawn flipbooks. Updated with a new movie each week.
Rainbow Animations
Offers Flash cartoon music videos and games.
Ricky's Art
Some sweet sick and not sick animated GIFs.
Features Braingirl, Central Toilet, and The Pod People.
Features a gallery of Flash animations including Math, Grey and Spare Me Your Pity. Offers contact information and updates.
Schmitty's Toons
Flash cartoons and games starring Dippy Duck, Master Sazuke, Woober and Pelican the Platypus. Requires QuickTime.
Scooter's World
Flash animated musical greetings featuring a dog named Scooter.
Flash animated cartoons of Daev C. Zen. Features include Chicken, Liquid Coffee and Snake Eyes.
Six Point Harness
Offers shorts including What would Jesus do, ChemoPhone, and Crotch Test.
Features the Story of Desert Duck, hip hop Ka- Boom, and Drunk Monkey. By F.B. Design.
Spizzkid Online
Home of the original cartoon strip featuring a rather chunkily drawn action hero.
Stick Page
Features a collection of games, movies, and the series "Xiao Xiao" featuring action stick figures.
Featuring frustrated aliens, angry rabbis, confused lesbian truck drivers and other strange animations. Requires Flash.
Stuff Animation
Showcasing a selection of Flash animations.
Stupid Todd
Stick cartoon shorts include The Face, Mean Cat, and Super Midget.
Suicidal Balloon
Official site featuring a variety of animated cartoons, interactive content, downloads and credits.
Terrorist Hideout
Features the humorous death of Osama bin Laden.
The Adventures of Evil Larry
The stories of CPA turned supervillain.
The Courtship of Sniffy LaPants
Features Quicktime and RealVideo versions of a six-minute animated film. Includes bios of the personnel and a short "behind the scenes" section.
Too Stupid to be President
Collection of cartoons lampooning George.
Toons With Guts
Contains original animations on miscellaneous topics.
Trailer Ark
Features movie spoofs of an animal kind.
Troma Entertainment Web Toons
Sick and Twisted Flash Cartoons.
Animated cartoons and comic strips by Phil Turk. Choose from violence and main street. Requires QuickTime.
Ubergeek TV
Features a collection of technology themed cartoons.
A collection of interactive Flash movies about one week in the life of a homocidal bird.
Cartoons on various topics by Jason O'Malley and Dave Rock.
Wes Bay Films
Featuring the animated series The Little Guy, The Super Jeffie Show, Weeds, Sharon, and The Andersons. Requires Quicktime.
Whatever USA
Archive of cartoons featuring Duncan Duck and Pashley Porcupine.
YoYo Megahertz
Offers cartoons, artwork, holiday ecards and music. Features The Farmer, Accordian Boy, and Aliens.
Features Law Cops, Office Romance and Unnovations.