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About.com: Tattoos and Bodypiercing
Collection of links, resources, articles, and information on tattoos and bodypiercing. Piercing aftercare, tattoo safety, flash gallery.
Body Art exhibit - American Museum of Natural Hist
Highlights from the 2000 exhibition. Discussion of body art throughout history. Article features many images
Body Art: The Story Behind Tattooing and Piercing
A CBC News Indepth report. "Piercing isn't exactly mainstream, but in spite of the cost, it is growing in popularity. It's also causing concern for health authorities."
Body Piercing, Tattoos and the Image of God
Sermon given April 24, 1998, by Rabbi Barry H. Block.
Brief History of the Japanese Tattoo
A brief overview. Article written by "Keibunsha," the Japanese Tattoo Institute.
Canadian Federal Prisons open tattoo parlours for
March 29, 2004 VANCOUVER - Corrections Canada is planning to set up tattoo parlours in six federal prisons this year. Health officials hope the parlours will reduce the spread of infectious diseases, including hepatitis C.
Is it Appropriate for Christians to Practice Body
BMEzine article discussing objections to piercing, tattooing and body modification on basis of religious (Christian) objections.
"The Vanishing Tattoo" is one man's story of his search around the world for, "the last authentic tattoo." Article features images of the journey.
Tattoo Studio Etiquette
Article discussing appropriate behavior in tattoo studios including the practice of tipping artists.
Tattooing and Body Piercing: Decision Making for T
By Barbara Freyenberger. Information regarding getting an adornment and having one removed. [Virtual Hospital:Iowa Health Book]
The Gentle Swastika - Book review by Suzanne Lamb
Suzanne Lamb's January 2002 (Skin & Ink Magazine) review of Manwoman's book, "The Gentle Swastika" sumarizes the book's discussion of the symbol's positive use throughout history prior to its adoption by the Nazi party in 1930's Germany.
The Tattoo Copyright Controversy
Article discussing the pros and cons of copywriting tattoos. Written by Marisa DiMattia for BMEzine.com