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Aemo's Forum
For the discussion of graffiti, bodyart, and music.
Art Soul Tattoo
Addresses inquiries about tattooing and body piercing. Established by professionals who are contributors and columnists for various tattoo magazines. Membership information.
BellaOnline Body Art Forum
Weekly articles, a monthly e-mail newsletter, bulletin boards and chat, with fans of tattooing, piercings, and temporary body art.
Forum in which members share pictures, experiences and advice about piercing or tattooing. Joining instructions and membership information.
Body Art Forum
Message board for those interested in discussing piercings, tattoos, mehndi, modifications, and implants.
Body Piercing Art Forum
Discussion of body piercing and tattooing: why it's done, safety concerns, and basic information. Includes membership data and instructions on joining.
Discussion and pictures on body art in Switzerland and surrounding countries. Membership information and joining instructions. Discussions are welcome in German, French, and English.
Open to the discussion of all forms of body adornment; permanent and temporary. Membership information and instructions on joining.
Bodypiercing Group
Forum for the discussion of piercing adornments. Membership information, description, and settings.
No piercings need to join this discussion group. Open membership, information on joining.
Fashion Asia
Discussing the latest fashion trends in the eastern culture of India. Open to almost anything; from makeup to henna bodyart. Membership information and instructions on joining.
Females with Hairy Arms
Yahoo group contains membership information, joining instructions, and an archive.
Flesh Steel
Forum for the discussion of all types of body modifications. Membership instructions and joining information.
Questions and experiences regarding the art of applying henna to the skin. Membership information and instructions on joining.
Open to those who wish to discuss piercings or tattoos. Membership information and group settings.
LDS Piercing and Tattoo
For Mormons who wish to discuss personal bodyart. Membership information.
MA Bodymods
Forum intended to discuss body modification, specifically in Massachusetts, but all are welcome. Membership information.
Mehndi 2 Dye For
Discuss the traditions surrounding henna. Recipes, application techniques, and aftercare as well as the artwork, books, and design ideas. Membership information.
Michaels BodyArt Forum
Tattoo talk, news and conventions, pictures, flash and drawings, and a classifieds forum. [Registration Required]
Mind Body Soul
Discussion group set up by The Church of BodMod. Membership information and instructions.
Navel Girl Forum
For those with a love of piercing who wish to share conversation with others, also includes information on aftercare.
Oz Body Art
Forum for the discussion of temporary forms of body art. Includes henna, mehndi, full body painting, and face painting. Membership information and joining instructions.
Alternative life styles topics are discussed. Includes subjects related to tattoos, music, body piercing, art, and fashion.
Prince Albert
A forum to discuss genital piercing. Contains membership information and instructions.
Punk Possee
Alternative wave forum discusses everything from exotic lip, navel, and nose piercings to body tattoos, purple and green hair, dog collars, chains, leather, and eyeliner. Membership information.
Red Wing Tattoos Piercing Fans
For people who love body piercing and wish to share conversation with others. Membership information.
For those people who have, provide, design, and are interested in tattoos and body piercings. Membership information.
Tattoo and Piercing Fans
For those interested in tattoos and piercings. Instructions on joining.
TattooFun: Temporary Tattoo and Body Art Forum
Discussion of various tattoo designs.
Tattoos, flash, piercings, body mods, and body painting topics are discussed here. Membership information.
The Altered Body
Dedicated to the erotic art of tattoos and piercings. Everyone is welcome to join.
The Pierced Tongue
Talk about piercing experiences. Membership information and joining instructions.
The Seventh Sun
Discussion of all aspects of the 'alternative' lifestyle. Joining instructions.
The Steel Rod
Forum for questions and concerns regarding body piercing. Membership information and joining instructions.
TS Piercing Forums
Healing, aftercare, body jewelry, piercing experiences, and pictures.
Urban Primitive
Discussion forum about primitive ritual, piercing, tattooing, scarification, general body modification, suspension ritual, techno and industrial music, drumming, drugs, or anything that applies to urban/modern primitive lifestyle. Membership information.