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House Bill regarding tattoo parlors and minors. [HB2488 - 422R - I Ver]
Senate Bill regarding tattoo parlors and minors. [SB1102 - 422R - H Ver]
Fact sheet regarding tattooing, body piercing, and minors. [H.B. 2124]
House Bill, revised, regarding tattoo parlors and minors. [HB2513 - 431R - I Ver]
Department of Health FAQ for tattoo and permanent cosmetic artists.
Skin penetration procedures act: 1994.
Canada: Infection Prevention and Control Practices
Guidelines regarding infection prevention and control for piercing, tattooing, and electrolysis. By the Division of Nosocomial and Occupational Infections, Laboratory Centre for Disease Control (LCDC).
State regulations for bodyart, effective August 2001, in html format.
Listing of the various House Bills and monthly reports regarding tattooing, piercing, and other body adornments. Files are available in .doc and .pdf formats.
State code relating to body piercing, tattooing, or branding consent for minors. [House Bill 93]
Legislative information regarding piercings from the Iowa Legislative Information System.
Maine: Body Piercing Statutes
Professions and Occupations section regarding body piercing. Includes; definitions, safety standards, piercing of minors, license requirements, rules, penalties, and compliance and restriction information.
Senate Bill regarding tattoo artists and body piercing artists. (Dec. 1997)
House Bill regarding tattoo artists and body piercing artists. [HB 0386, December 1997]
Massachusetts: Body Art Information
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Health Quality Management Regulations set forth a model code for the practice of body art and for the maintenance and operation of body art.
House Bill for the regulation of tattoos and body piercing. [HB998; Tattoos and Body Piercing; Kissell, Don R.]
New Jersey State Sanitary Code Chapter 8 - Body Ar
PDF document that contains all the rules and regulations, penalties and required procedures governing body art in the state of New Jersey
New York City Department of Health - Facts on Tatt
A fact-sheet on Tattoo Licensing from the NYC DOH.
Body Piercing Licensing Program from the State of Oregon Health Licensing Office. Regulations, licensing information and fees, safety campaign, and a newsletter.
Tattooing Licensing Program from the State of Oregon Health Licensing Office.
South Dakota
Laws and guidelines set forth regarding sanitation requirements for tattooing and body piercing establishments. [Section 44:12]
State Statutes and Legislation
An alphabetical listing by state to various session laws, administrative codes, rules, and government maintained sites.
Tattoodesign.com - Tattoo Laws
Links relating to laws for the tattoo industry in a variety of countries.
Legislature regarding the licensing, health, and safety of tattooists and piercers. [76(R) SB 61]
Texas Department of Health - DMDD Tattoo and Body
This is the actual rules, regulations, standards for licensure and penal code regarding tattoo and body piercing in the state of Texas.
House Bill regarding parental consent laws relating to body piercing and tattooing. [HB 390]