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Image galleries of airbrushed artwork done on nails.
Amy's Bodyart Page
Photographs of personal adornments and links to other body modification pages.
Avolat Artis
Selection of works, background information, and a flash area. Available in English, Spanish, and Italian.
Bent Tattoo
Image gallery of previous works, flash sheets and body jewelry.
Gallery of submitted pictures, links, "silly question" area, and stories.
Circus O Phreekz
An image gallery, links, and artwork.
Judith Iscariot
Sporting numerous piercings and a tattoo and a selection of links to various body modification sites.
My Experience in Body Art
Amanda's personal story of the tattoos and piercings she has collected over the years.
Orlan Carnal Art
Performance artist who works on the status of the body in contemporary society and programs her own mutation by modifying her body and her image.
Project A R T
A young Belgian boys mind on the web. Includes drawings, bodypainting, and thoughts.
Piercing and tattoo pictures.
Steve's Body Piercing Pages
Image gallery, aftercare information listed by body part, and a discussion board.
Sweetie's Body Art
Experiences in piercing and tattoing.
Tattoo Dimes
Piercing images and tattoo galleries showing completed works by Jon Comstock.
The Modified Librarian
Collected images of, and writings by, librarians attempting to use their body modifications to break the stereotypes about their profession.
Vicious Smiles
Selection of piercings, comics, music, and photography.
Welcome To The Moon
Julie Moon's experience with tattooing and piercing.
About his piercings; original tribal tattoo designs; collection of rants; long list of snappy answers to stupid bodyart-related questions.