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Academy Of Tattoo
Provides video lessons in the art of tattooing.
Airbrush Makeup
Information on airbrush makeup techniques workshops involving hands-on training in central London.
American Tattooing Institute
A provider of education and certification for the tattooing industry.
B A Tattooist
Instructions for becoming a tattooist.
Body Designs School of Professional Body Piercing
Hands on instruction and certification. On-line application, class topic list, and definition.
Body Painting Masterclass
Workshops and classes offered in London by Carolyn Cowan. Features background information, class details, and image galleries.
Create a Tattoo
Software program to create tribal tattoos.
Fakir Intensives
Branding and piercing instruction for both beginners and advanced students. Contact information, instructor list and profiles, enrollment information, and legal notices.
Health Educators, Inc.
Classes, links, products, studio listings, and information for piercers, tattooists and health professionals dealing with body modification.
How to Tattoo
Instructional materials about tattoos, tattooing and the tattooing industry.
Offers video instructions on hardware and artistic aspects of tattooing.
Joe Kaplan's Tattoo School
Photo gallery, enrollment forms, course dates and outline, credentials, and testimonials from previous students.
Lady Luck Tattoo Studio and School
Offers accredited seminars for those interested in becoming tattooers.
Modern Tattoo Science
Information on tattoo machines, inking techniques.
Primal Instinct
Intensive academic and hands on learning experience for piercers. Information on financing, terms, and conditions, as well as details on course objectives.
Professional Piercing Information Systems
Training, consultation, and product information services. Owner background, seminar details including dates, locations, and times, registration and refund policies, and product recommendations.
Safe Inking: Education for the Promotion of Safe B
Basic information on the dangers of exposure to disease through contact with body fluids and accidental needle sticks for workers in the body art industry. Covers blood born diseases, needle precautions, and risk associations.
Starlight School of Tattooing
Modern tattooing and piercing techniques taught online. Tuition and sign-up information.
Tattoo Designs
Online application to design tattoo flash.
Tattoo Directory
Listing and links to schools, organizations, and museums pertaining to tattooing, branding, piercing, and permanent cosmetics.
Tattoo School
Information about on-line training, seminars, consulting, and one-on-one training.
The science and art of tattoos and tattooing.
Books on tattoos, tattooing and the tattooing industry.
World's Only Tattoo School
Prepares the students to convert their tattoo, permanent makeup, and piercing skills to art. Includes details pertaining to the school curriculum, schedule, and a synopsis.