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Andy Feehan: Tattooed Pigs and Hairless Dogs, Chinese Tattoo: Ci Shen, Here Comes the Pain of Forever, Icons of Flesh, Restrict Disfigurement, Soyouwanna Get a Tattoo, Tattoo Safety Guidelines, Tattoo Shop 'Draws' Students, Grandmas, Tattoo Traditions, Tattooing and Scarification
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Tatdude, Tattoo Full Sheet Flash Art Trading, We The Inked
Art by Albert Jeffers. Original flash, links, an image gallery, and FAQ section. Also contains machines for sale, instructions on ink making, cleaning, and sterilization.
Artelino: The Magic of Art
Introduction and background on Japanese tattoo art with reference to tattoo images in Japanese prints.
Solar tattoos that can be applied temporarily leaving a design after sunbathing. Contact information and an image gallery.
Bodyart /Tattoo FAQ
Answers to general questions. Contains sections covering such items as: sanitation, aftercare, removal, and artists listings.
Celebrity Tattoos
Descriptions and photos of tattoos worn by historical figures and modern day celebrities.
Danikk Design
Advice section, aftercare information, custom design ideas and solutions, as well as a listing of shops in the Ohio area.
Gallery of body art, discussion boards, chat rooms, and personal ads.
Horimono: The Japanese Tattoo
The culture, significance, and history of traditional Japanese tattoos. Includes translations of Japanese work and designs by the author.
An apprentice of Horiyoshi III. Images, links, and writings.
Ink Brothers
Information on the progress of this site in the making. Future plans are included as well as contact details.
J-Entertain: Tattoo
Profiles on Horijin Sudo. Recommendations, traditional Japanese irezumi gallery, and images of the artists at work.
Japan Tattoo Art
Images, artwork, equipment information, artist and studio listing and links. [Japanese and English]
Midnight Tattoo Discussion Forum
Those interested in tattoos and body art are welcome to join.
New York Tattoos
Links to local studios, designs, kits for the beginner to the professional, technical support for artists and image galleries.
Religious Tattoos
Information on the Judeo-Christian bodyart history and contemporary expressions. Image galleries, links, and a bible support section.
Starlight Tattoo
Gallery of designs, calendar of events, and a FAQ section. Also provides inks and supplies, as well as information about artists' legal defense.
Mobile tattoo parlor, portfolio, flash, health information regarding the process and aftercare of tattoos, a bookstore, and links. Also contains piercing and body modification information.
Community providing information for artists and patrons. Features studio listings, chat rooms, a help wanted section, flash shop, and web ring information.
Tattoo Design.com
Studio directory, convention listings, FAQ, general piercing information, supplier list, book reviews, and an image gallery.
Tattoo Talk
Image gallery, convention coverage, artist listing, and links.
Custom artwork from various artists. Free tour, membership information, and a chat forum.
The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum
Virtual tour with images of flash and machines from around the world.
The Tattoo Baby Doll Project
An exhibition of work by Sherri Wood in collaboration with various artists. Contains an image gallery of adorned dolls, background information on the project and a description of its goals.
The Tattoo Convention Calendar
Features a 'Top 50' list of events, detailed information on various events with photographs, reviews, and jury details. Available in English and German.
The Vanishing Tattoo
General historical background and pursuit of "the last authentic tattoo." Images from around the world and information regarding several different tribal styles.
Triangle Tattoo and Museum
Located in Fort Bragg, California, and dedicated to the display of tattoo artifacts.