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!tza List
Open for all types of art including: painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, tattooing, body art, graffiti, and the performing arts. Membership information and list.
Absolute Body Art
Accepts sites pertaining to all forms of bodyart. Contains a member site list, joining instructions, and HTML code.
Blood and Ink
Accepts those interested and active in the body adornment lifestyle. Member information and list.
Body Painting Web Ring
Sponsored by The Airbrush Shoppe. HTML code and instructions.
Cain's Mark
Guidelines and HTML code. Open to any form of body modification.
Henna Mehndi Webring
Topics related to traditional or modern henna body art including; designs, experiences, salons, and artists. Membership information and instructions.
Mehndi Girl
Official ring for the books "Mehndi: Rediscovering Henna Body Art" and "Henna's Secret History." Membership information, site list, and instructions.
Sharp Images Webring
Site must be related to piercings or body modification. Submission instructions.
Tattoo and Piercing Communities
Member list, information on joining, and ringmaster contact details.
A Ring for all types of body art: tattooing, piercing, scarification, branding, painting, mehndi, and all other forms. Submission instructions and site list.
The Bead Ring
Accepts all sites relating to body adornment and modification. Background information, application information, and image source.
The Dark Sites of the Web
Membership information, members list, and contact information.
The Memphis Tattoo Site Ring
Designed for studios that offer tattoos, jewelry, piercings, scarficiation services, cosmetic tattooing, or brandings. Submission guidelines and contact information.
The Pierced Webring
For those who have a piercing and a valid website. Submission guidelines, view sites in ring.
The Tattoo Ink Webring
Site must be tattoo, piercing, or body art related. Guidelines and submission instructions.
Tribal Tattoo Central
Listing of sites containing contemporary skin art designs. Includes a member site list and joining instructions.