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Balloon Artists
Airheads Balloon Art, Inc., Balloon Bayou of California, Balloon Buffoon, Balloon Celebrations, Balloon Creations Entertainers, Balloon Twisting Entertainment, Balloon-A-Twist Entertainment, Inc., balloonateer balloon art, BalloonDecoratorSupply.com, Balloons Worldwide Balloon Decorating Network
Balloon Art
Provides animated instructions on the five basic twists, instructions on creating balloon figures, and a photo gallery.
Balloon HQ
Covers the history and science of balloons, basics of twisting, decorating tips, and business considerations for twisters and decorators. Includes instructions on twisting over four hundred sculptures.
Balloon Modelling World Records
A variety of Guinness World Records for balloon sculpting.
Balloon Twisters Around The World
Discussion group for twisting enthusiasts, covering subjects including sources of balloons and legal issues for street performers.
M B Floyd Balloon Animals
Free instructions on simple and advanced balloon sculptures. Photo Galleries full of pictures of balloon creations.
Magical Balloon-dude Dale
Instructions on how to make balloon animals.
Basic tips and detailed instructions on a selection of basic and advanced balloon sculptures.
Pam's Place
Balloon sculptures and animals with pictures and step-by-step instructions.