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Candle Brew, Candle Making Techniques, Candles For Me
All About Scented Candles
Information on wax types and the benefits of soy, burning tips, and candle making.
Beginner's Guide to Candle Makin'
Getting started tips as well as detailed step-by-step instructions for making votives and container candles.
Campbell Light
Information on waxes, molds, and tips on candle making.
Candle Business Corner
Dedicated to candle making businesses. Resources include free forms, marketing plans, articles, message boards, calendar of events, and information for beginners.
Candle Making Craft Projects
User submitted project listings.
Candle Making Instructions
Candle making basics and project instructions.
Candle Making Techniques
Illustrated candle making instructions, step by step projects, message boards, and free classifieds.
Candle making tutorials and project guides organized by skill level. Includes tip pages and message boards.
Candles Guide
Categorized and searchable directory of site links.
Complete candle making tutorial.
Crane Candle
Overview of the candlemaking process with regard to wick, wax, colors, containers, and scent.
Fragrance Oil Search and Rate
A categorized and rateable list of fragrance oils from multiple suppliers for candlemakers, soapmakers, and other crafters.
Information about making gel candles and safely burning them.
Genwax How to Make Candles
Getting started, project guides, wax recipes, and advice for working with additives.
Homemade Candle Instructions
Instructions for making gel, parifin, natural, painted, and creative wire techniques used in home made candles.
Let's Make Candles
Project instructions, frequently asked questions, and general information.
Lumina Candlemaking Instructions
Beeswax candle instructions, including adding scent, hand-rolling, working with appliques, and solid pours.
Pioneer Thinking: The Art of Candle Making
Features instructions for several projects.
Scent-Talk at Scentsupplies
Mailing list for soap and candle lovers to discuss scent recipes.
Soy Wax Candles
The benefits of using soy, and instructions for making different types of candles with soy from start to finish.
The Candle Cauldron
Devoted to candle making and affiliated crafts. Includes message boards, chat rooms, and resource locator.
The Essential Survival Guide to Candle Making
How-to information for the candle making newbie plus interesting information for confident artisans. Step by step instructions for basic projects and links to related sites
The Melting Pot
Information about the different candle making processes.