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Chain Mail
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Blacksmiths' and metal workers' reference. Questions answered daily by the Guru. Meet and chat with other smiths at the Slack Tub Pub. Buy, sell, and trade at the Virtual Hammer-In.
Metal Web News
Listing of Metalworking, Blacksmithing and Foundry Projects, news and links.
The Blacksmith's Compendium
A collection of mailing list postings gleaned primarily from ABANA's "TheForge" mailing list. Threads of discussion have been pieced together from hundreds of postings and organized into a single document, according to topic.
The Hawley Collection
An edge-tools and cutlery collection housed at the University of Sheffield, in the U.K, and a description of the project.
The Metalworking FAQ/Compendium
Based on the FAQ and other information for the UseNet newsgroup rec.crafts.metalworking.