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Clubs and Societies
Bay Area Rapid Folders (BARF), British Origami Society, Carnegie Mellon University Origami Club, Chicago Area Origami Society (CHAOS), Origami-L, OrigaMIT, OrigamiUSA, Triangle Origami Folders United (TOFU), West Coast Origami Guild
Geometry and Modulars
Geometry Junkyard: Origami, Jim Plank's Origami: Modular, Krystyna Burczyk's Origami, Mathematical Origami, Meenakshi's Modular Mania, Modular Origami, Origami Mathematics, Paper Folding, Paper Models of Polyhedra, Teaching Mathematical Thinking Through Origami
Money Folding
Bob's Billfolds, Dollar bill Ganesh (elephant), Hecht's Web Site: Origami Stuff, Money Origami
Origamic Architecture
Baud & Bui Origamic Architecture, David Hathaway's Origamic Architecture, Evermore Origamic Architecture, Handmade Papercraft Club, Kihara's Gallery, KSK's Origamic Architecture, Magda's Origamic Architecture, Marivi's Origamic Architecture, New Taviori, Origamic Architect Keiko Nakazawa
Paper Airplanes
Aerogami Paper Airplanes, Alex's Paper Airplanes, An Introduction to Aerodynamics, Best Paper Airplanes, Building the Egret, Jline Paper Airplanes, Joseph Palmer's Favorite Paper Airplanes, Ken Blackburn's Paper Airplane Page, Kool Paper Airplanes, McShane's Planes
Anne's Origami
Information on MIT's origami mailing list, with archives. Also a list of books she owns, some with pictures, table of contents and reviews.
Overview of the art and a gallery of personally folded items, including some very small models. Origami tools and related links.
Brooklyn Origami Online
Brooklyn's online origami center, featuring diagrams, instructions and information on the art of Japanese paper folding.
Charles Esseltine's Origami
Non-traditional patterns.
Dave's Origami Emporium
Diagrams of traditional, modular, money, and original designs. Articles, book and software lists, and origami inspired ray-tracing.
Doug Philips' Origami
Gallery of completed models and a review/listing of a few models found online and in books.
Eileen's Origami Page
Photo galleries of fantasy, scifi, and animal origami by various creators. Also a handful of diagrams of original models.
Envelope and Letterfolding
Definition, history, and diagrams on how to fold mailable letters and envelopes.
Fabric Origami Workshop
Introduction, techniques, diagrams, and pictures of fabric origami. Includes book reviews and links as well as FAQs and related news on the topic.
Hand Made Origami Gift Boxes
Gift boxes hand made by folding paper or fabric using origami techniques. Searchable gallery. Includes instructions for preparing fabric for origami.
Jasper's Origami Menagerie
A collection of diagrams and photos with a section dedicated to various types of animals. Includes a picture link index to diagrammed models on other websites.
Joseph Wu's Origami
Gallery of original works and models by others. Includes articles and original diagrams as well as a database of online models and links.
Kim Kofoed's origami page
Pictures of thematic collages and origami boxes and kusudama ornaments for sale by email.
Lucky Stars
Information and diagrams for the Chinese lucky star. Includes a gallery and links to other star sites.
Marc Kirschenbaum's Origami
Original model diagrams in PDF format. Contains articles and resources and related links.
Matthias Gutfeldt: Alpenfalten
Collection of diagrams and image galleries of original models as well as other designers. Includes book list and reviews, convention highlights, and related links.
Online Origami
Archive of the now defunct e-zine. Origami story, diagram, and links and information on organizations.
Gallery of folded paper dolls, known as the art of Oribina.
Origami - the fascination of folding
Homepage containing gif diagrams of complex origami models designed by Hans Trygve Birkeland, Norway.
Origami and Mental Health Therapy
This page is about the use of origami as a choice of therapeutic tool relating to mental health. Origami links to benefits, history and pictures also included.
Origami Crease Patterns
Information, tutorials, models, photographs, and links. Including models folded by Ben Ball.
Origami Gallery by Sebastian Kirsch
Photographs of various completed models: animals, masks, geometric shapes, oversized folds, and tessellations.
Origami Models
Diagrams created by Robert Salemink, along with a database of those from other sources.
Gallery, convention pictures, diagrams, and a shockwave diagram. Searchable databases of origami enthusiasts, submitted diagrams, models that are in books, and a mailing list archive.
Learn origami. Read tutorials and ask questions to help improve your folding skills.
Dozens of diagrammed models, some products for sale.
Diagrams, history, relationship with math, gallery, and book reviews with cover shots.
Paula's Orihouse
Origami pictures, diagrams, knotology (folding with strips of paper), guestroom, darkroom, links, convention pictures and more
Robin Glynn's Origami
Diagrams, gallery, links, and a brief history of how the author started.
Sajid Khan's Origami Forum
Discussion area for enthusiasts.
Sarah's Origami
Gallery of models she has folded, and reviews of books with cover shots.
Sprite!'s Origami
Illustrated instructions on folding the traditional crane, and some book reviews.
Sy's Paper Folding
Original models with photos and diagrams.
The Paper Fold
A large selection of original diagrams, photos, printable papers, and origami flower arranging projects.
TP Kong's Origami Web Site
Picture gallery of personal work, easy to follow diagrams, newly developed models.
World Peace Project for Children
The world's largest crane, diagram for the traditional crane, and other information relating to the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.
Zack Brown's Origami
The Origami For Your Information FAQ, Rod diagramming language, book errata and hints, and a list of origami organizations.