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A Little History of Soap
Site includes soap recipes, instructions, and safety guidelines.
About.com Soap Making
Features information about learning to make soap.
All About Soapmaking
Learn all about making soap at home. Step by step instruction for Cold Process and Hot Process soap making. Also includes recipes and saponification table.
Audrey's Soap Site
Instruction and recipes for making soap at home. Also includes instruction and recipes for making your own cosmetics.
Blue Aspen Originals
Instructions for cold process soap making, rebatching, swirling, and recipes.
Cole Brothers Soap
Guide on making and marketing decorative soap. Comes with 250 recipes and complete step by step instructions.
Colonial Soap Making
This site offers brief history of soap from the first soaps through the colonial period with links to the Soap Factory's online catalog.
Cranberry Lane Soap Instructions
Step by step soap and soapmaking instructions. Cold process method in detail.
GreenSense- Zenda's Homemade Soap and Beauty
Tips and recipes for homemade soap and beauty products.
Handcrafted Soap Net
Resources for soap makers. Includes supplier database, message forum, and chat room.
How to Make Soap at Home
Soap, lotion, and toiletry making instructions. Recipes for goldfish in a bag soap and other glycerin melt and pour recipes. Also includes cold process soap instruction.
Lather Land
Free soap recipes and directions to make bar soap at home.
Liquid Soapmaking
Instructions for making liquid soap.
Lovena's Soapmaking
Includes online tutorials for swirling and layering techniques for the Oven Hot Process method of soapmaking.
Luscious Body Soap
Instructions for making soap, with photographs.
Luxury Lane
Hundreds of recipes for soap, and toiletries. Among these are recipes for soap, lotions, powders, scrubs, and liquid soap.
Make Bath Salts
Subscription required for recipes, resources, and online assistance.
Make Your Cosmetics
Recipes and tips for making soap, toiletries, and cosmetics using natural ingredients.
Old-Timer's Soap Making
Old-time soap making instructions and links to further resources.
Olympic Views
Beneficial for those new to soaping. Recipes, information, and links compiled by Kathy Miller.
Origin of Soap
Addresses the chemistry of soap from production to function including a simple lard soap recipe.
Pine Meadows Soapmaking Recipes
Recipe listing includes soap, lotion, bath fizzies, lip balms, bath salts, body scrubs. Also includes scent blending suggestions.
Sabrina's Soapmaker's Resources
Resources and recipes for soap makers.
Soap Center
Soapmaking recipes, instructions, tips, and supplier links.
Soap History
History of the development and use of soaps and detergents.
Soap Making Business
Resources for those who want to start or grow a handcrafted bath and body care business.
Soap Naturally Web
Collection of resources and information about natural handmade soap. Recipes, photo archive, history of soapmaking, and soap making methods.
Soap Recipes
User submitted recipes for homemade soap, bath salts, fizzies, scent combinations, and packaging tips.
Soap Teacher
Soap making instructions.
Soapin Trucker
Features a supplier database indexed by categories.
How to make soap and other toiletries from scratch. Includes links, articles, and discussions.
Soapnuts Faq Library
Learn how to make soap, lotions, natural body products. Recipes, facts, help and chat room.
Daily news surrounding the soapmaking industry.
Teach Soap
Basic instructions for melt and pour, and cold process soap. Includes a glossary of soap making terms.
The Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild, Inc.
Professional trade organization for makers of handcrafted soap and bodycare products; resources, networking, annual conference, and newsletter.
Traditional Methods of Soap Making
This online handbook includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and a collection of related links.