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Brown, Sheldon, Cahen, Xavier, coin-operated, Eddie d, Griem, Oliver, Hahn, Alexander, Haig, Ian, Igoe, Tom, Johnson, Paul, Kac, Eduardo
Collectives, Collaboratives and Organizations
artn.com, Cinematiks, Critical Art Ensemble, DATA: DUBLIN ART AND TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION, Electroland - Urban Spectacle, Igloo, infrequency - experimental music and performance, Time's Laboratory for the Construction of Exp, Xurban, YDreams
Deadtech, Digital Bodies, Novas Teccnologias Nas Artes Visuais, The Beall Center for Art + Technology, University
Black Shoals Stock Market Planetarium
Visual art in the style of a planetarium. Stocks are displayed as stars, flickering when bought and sold and clustering according to market fluctuations. Online and offline versions.
Online gallery of public interactive light installation by Chaos Computer Club turning a building at the heart of Berlin into a huge computer screen. People can play Pong using their mobile phone and create animations with downloadable tool.
Book of Roofs Media/Installation
Brazilian artist Josely Carvalho focuses on shelter as a metaphor for that which houses the human soul. Digital video interactive project and website installation.
Honoria in Ciberspazio
A collaborative opera written by net-citizen volunteers.
Life at Night
"Radio noir" CD presentation exploring urban themes. Features animation, creative soundtrack design, electronic jazz and a laid back "private eye" narrative style.
Meta Stream
Real time performance that contains live Real Video stream (animations and live camera mix), experimental sound & noise music in Real Audio and real-time web-page editing. The team is based in Riga (Latvia).
Serious constructivist geometric / kinetic art. Computer graphics programming, multimedia design, digital projection and sculpture. Non-figurative, visual experiences.
Performances and installations which utilise and relate to digital pop culture and social interaction.
Obsolescence of Graphical User Interface
An art exhibition concerning the obsolescence of graphical user interface: paintings, photos, poetry, digital images.
Public Genitals Project
A digital performance installation using custom modified hardware to display genitals of anonymous participants.
Reverberant Sound Art
This site documents collaborative sound art projects by Iain Mott, Marc Raszewski and Jim Sosnin. The work explores the physical relationship between sound and the public and integrates sculpture, audio electronics and video.
A collaborative audio/visual public performance that relies on audience participation through input from mobile devices such as phones, PDAs or laptops.
Soap Operas for Laptop Computers
GH Hovagimyan discusses his digital installation performance works for both laptops and seated computers.
a digital composition in film and music by Tom America and Rob Moonen. A work in progress, the site is a log book. Berlin 2004, muzieklab
The Wartime Project
Reflections on, and reactions against, wars--past, present and future--by digital and network artists. [Requires Flash].
Tissue Culture & Art project
Explores the use of tissue culture and tissue engineering as a medium for artistic expression.
V-Med 2.0 - the sea of memory
An interactive installation conceived and realised by Electronic Shadow (Naziha Mestaoui and Yacine Aït Kaci), the duo of hybrid creation between real and virtual.
Vaina Systems
Several digital installation projects and hardware/software tools for artists.
An experiment in the collaboration of dance, web and interactive art in two parts; a streaming dance performance, and an interactive choreography work.
The web component of an interactive art installation at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media in Karlsruhe.
Archives a series of live experimental sonic/visual performances that take place both on and offline, and encompass a range of improvised digital performances.