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Film Festivals
10th International Environmental Film Festival, Envirofilm, Environmental Film Festival, Environmental Film Festivals, Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival, Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Planet in Focus
Amazon Dreamtime : Walderedo de Oliveira
Artwork, performance and design exploring themes of ecology, indigenous cultures, nature-inspired myth and the clash of the urban and natural environment.
Charitable, interactive, environmental site dedicated to keeping the world natural. Artists, poets, writers, musicians and activists unite to show or sell their work.
Art and Ecology: Interdisciplinary Approaches to C
Online exhibition and discussion that is both a set of resources for teachers and an online exhibition of contemporary ecological art.
Art Culture Nature
An interdisciplinary organization which brings together artists and teachers in the fine and performing arts as well as environmentalists and educators in the humanities, sciences and social sciences who are interested in the study of the connections between the arts and environmental studies.
Arts Catalyst
A science and art agency which argues for and sets up genuine collaborations between artists and scientists. Artistic process are applied directly to the scientific environment producing a new insight into the nature and wider issues of the work.
Broken Fence Society
An environmental art collective headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The group's mandate is to educate about environmental issues through art.
Web portal featuring on a weekly basis relevant web sites, articles and archive of environmental art, design and architecture.
Cryptogamic Botany Company
Alex Frost's studio for work at the intersection of science and art, focusing on the use of art and design to promote appreciation of natural things that might otherwise be disregarded.
Druid Arts for Rosi Lister
Arts consultancy that advocates the use of the arts within environmental projects. Develop environmental awareness by providing assistance with project proposals in education and the community. Provides description of services.
Earth Films
Earth films and Headwaters Action Video Collective educational video and media project that specializes in environmental and social issue documentaries. Provide news, videos and order information.
Nathan Walker environmental art. Uses images as a way to promote environmental awareness; available for commissioned pieces as well.
Nonprofit supporting artists creating works that inspire a sustainable relationship with the natural world. Provides information on services, programs, curriculum, resources and featured artists.
A non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the need to respect life through the medium of music and entertainment. Provides links to music for environmentalists and animal rights advocates.
Virtual gallery presenting the work of environmental artists from Finland in the form of Land Art, Communal Art and Eco-Art.
Erica Fielder Eco Artist
Promotes art making with lifestyle and the natural sciences in order to encourage a heartfelt shift to ecologically ethical practices and integrated relationships between humans and the wild blue-green Earth. Provides samples of her work.
Gloria Mundi
Online journal of Gloria Mundi Press, featuring environmental and nature oriented fiction, poetry, art, photography, essays and field guides. Provides collateral projects like the dragonfly guide and wild food recipe page.
Golden Eagle Video
Site dedicated to protecting the planet by support of other environmental activist groups through benefit music concerts and video taping events for TV and video.
The online museum of environmental art. Provides featured artists, exhibitions, calendar, FAQ and membership information.
Harrisburger Homepage
Anti-nuclear poster art, inspired by the Three Mile Island incident.
Image Gallery of Human and Nature
Features Adrian Warren's photos of topics related to wildlife, nature, peoples and environments.
Kate Beaugié
Features art with the focus on natural phenomena through light installations, paintings, murals and play sets.
Laughing Crow Studio
Lezle Williams focuses on relief printmaking with an emphasis on woodcuts, wood engraving, and non-toxic printmaking. Environmental art including wildlife illustrations and architectural watercolors are specialties.
Charith Pelpola - Explores human existence and the environment through art, photography and literature. Works to increase awareness about the Asian and global environment.
Messages from Water
Photographs of ice crystals and their formation, appreciation of water's crystalline forms, and ponderings on the messages in water, focused on the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto of the Hado institute in Tokyo.
Musicians United to Sustain The Environment (MUSE)
Musicians utilizing music to promote environmental awareness and protection of our wilderness heritage. Provides links to musicians, music and environmental organizations.
Naturalist At Large Cartoons
Environmentalist cartoons by Don Rittner and Raoul Vezina.
Nature Sketches
Renie Burghardt - The adventures and musings of a nature lover. Articles on animals, rivers, ponds, trees, wild flowers, love of nature and the land. Love of the planet.
Nesting Eagles
Streaming video of an endangered nesting eagle couple cared for by the American Eagle Foundation.
No Nukes
Special effects photography of radiation around nuclear power plants.
Mission is to explore environmental issues though the creative arts. Information about productions and events.
Picture Portfolio on Environment
Provides free pictures by Bruno Locatelli about environment, forests, deforestation, agriculture, biodiversity, water and soil resources all around the world.
Pieces of My Heart
About a book of collected writings inspired by animals and nature, by Jim Willis, director of the Tiergarten Sanctuary Trust. Includes excerpts, ordering information, and reviews.
Tapped Into Elephants
Streaming video or audio where the focus is on the Elephant Sanctuary and its on-demand cam footage.
Tapped Into Green Peace
This TappedInto.com channel puts the emphasis on an organization whose goal is to work toward a green and peaceful environment. Music, animations and videos about the work of Greenpeace.
The Message from Water
Photographs of water (ice) crystals from a book written by Masaru Emoto. Mr. Emoto and his team experiment with water samples exposed to music, words spoken, words typed and taped to the glass containers.
Walker-Online: Landart
Featuring landart installations by Robert Morris, Daniel Libeskind, Marinus Boezem, Richard Serra and Jonathan Park.
Walkin' Jim Stoltz
Features wilderness photos, folk music, poetry, tales of the trail, wild lands issues, trail advice for backpackers and kids activities.