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Alder Hill, ASciFi.com - Science Fiction Portal, Asynjur's Forum for Friends, Battle for Middle Earth, Chicago Science Fiction & Fantasy Discussion l, chronicles-network, Chronicles-Network Forums, Cool SciFi, De La Sangre, EZboard - Escapism
Del Rey - Author Sites, Desert Realm, Divination, Fan Data, Fantasy Search Portal, Galaxyman, HP Lovecraft Resources, Outpost Terra, PsiProne's Portal, Quadrant
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Alien Almanac
Information, articles, reviews, new releases, developments, and merchandise for fans of genres.
Andrew's Scifi Zone
Downloads, image galleries and synopses from selected films and television series.
Chatelaine's Keep
Poetry, fairy tales and folklore, fantasy art and forum.
Destiny's End
Collection of galleries and libraries of several artists and writers.
Elf Fantasy
News, online magazine, shopping, and resources on different games and fantasy creatures.
Elle Sci-Fi Portal
For female fans of the genres. News, forum, links, fan fiction, upcoming events and a gallery featuring fan art, wallpapers and favorite male characters.
Exploring Dystopia
An exploration of specific dystopias, 1984, Blade Runner, Neuromancer and Metropolis, as well of the concept of the genre.
Information on genre books, authors, movies and television.
Fictional Worlds
Books, movies, television, and games information. Galleries of art and animations, movie reviews, polls and quizzes, online games, wallpaper, desktop themes, HotBar skins, and links.
Friends of Science Fiction
Australian fan club featuring news, rumors, episode guides, forums, chat, downloads, and links.
Short stories, fantasy art, movie and book reviews, forum, links and web rings.
Rabhen Poe's: The Hallow
Assists writers of science fiction and fantasy. Articles, editorials, reviews, art gallery, published book and movie information, conventions and links.
An online magazine and community, dedicated to celebrating the best in science fiction, comics, and gaming. Site features forum, merchandising, news, reviews, humor, features, interviews and fiction.
Sci-Fi 2000
Book reviews, daily news, editorial, television series fan pages, desktop themes, links, collectibles for sale, fonts, and information on upcoming TV shows and movies.
Sci-Fi Heaven
Discussion and news on titles related to the genre.
Sci-fi Theme Music Quiz
Trivia on televesion and movie theme music clips. Available in MP3, wav, or Real Audio formats.
Science Fiction Buzz
News, reviews & opinions on Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Stargate and science fiction.
Scifi 411
News, articles, episode guides, with movie, DVD and RPG game release dates.
News, reviews, games, and shopping from the SciFi Channel.
News, reviews, art gallery, and a forum of topics related to the genre.
Science fiction, fantasy and horror site for news, information, chats, a calendar of events, and free email.
Screen Rant
News and reviews on science-fiction movies and television.
SF Lovers
Information on the genre featuring links for art, books, conventions, films, and television. Mailing list and archives available.
Featuring news about several science fiction shows, movies, music and games. Also includes reviews, guides, a forum, and links.
SFF Research Database
Historical and critical items about science fiction, fantasy and horror. Searchable index and submissions.
Slacker's Sci-Fi Source
News and reviews, games, message board, contests, and postcards.
Solar Flare Science Fiction and Fantasy
News, reviews, polls and discussion centering around literature, television, and movies of the genre.
Based on an original story intended for television, this site describes a fictional community in space.
Science fiction news and entertainment. Forums and reviews.
SyFy Portal
News on the genre with a focus on Star Trek. Newsletter and chat.
The Eternal Night
Bibliographies, book reviews, current news, and television shows and movies categorized by theme, covering science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. Also, e-zine featuring short fiction, interviews, and forums.
The Log Book
Includes episode guides, movie reviews, and dvd reviews for television and films. Also games and music information.
The Lore Merchant
Library of fiction and poetry, role-playing game and television reviews.
The Ravensnest
TV episode information, details on horror movies, downloadable games, and an e-zine on government conspiracies.
The Worlds of Fantasy Network
News, reviews, forum and games.
Usenet FAQs - Science Fiction
A collection of questions listed by various science fiction related newsgroups.
War Of The Worlds
An indepth look at the Orson Welles radio broadcast of The War Of The Worlds, made in 1938.
Which Character Are You?
A personality test that matches your responses with a fantasy or science fiction character.
Xenite.Org: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Essays, mailing lists, discussion forums, FAQs, link directories, archived discussions, news, and commentary.