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Magazines and E-zines
Baseline, Deleatur, Fontzone, Letter Arts Review, Règles:Zéro, Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography, The FontSite, The Terminal, Typofile Magazine, Typographer.org
Masters, Archetype font creation and modification, Dan Cotton hand lettering and calligraphy, Delve Media Arts, Everson Typography, Face2Face, Joe Finocchiaro Design, Keith Tam: typography + beyond, Linotype Library: Font Designer Gallery, Paul Baker Typography, Recife, Eduardo - Misprinted Type
A Brief History of Type
Read an essay discussing the times, technologies, and forms of type.
ABC Typography
Virtual Museum of Typography.
AdamAnt Designs Online
Graphic and typeface design online.
All Good Things Typography
Information about typography: history, classification, type choice and the fontpool.
Dedicated to excellence in graphic design and the promotion of typography, calligraphy and the lettering arts.
Arabic Type
Research on Arabic typography, its relationship to calligraphy and culture, and the development of new Arabic fonts.
Arabic typography
Arabic typographical experiments.
The site of the Association Typographique International, the organisation of the international type community. Information on events, ATypI publications and conferences.
Ban Comic Sans
Download and print stickers and flyers to campaign against the font, also free comic fonts to use instead.
Cary Graphic Arts Press
Publication arm of the Melbert Cary Graphic Arts Collection at Rochester Institute of Technology, offering publications on the history of the graphic arts.
Cavendish Typography
Gallery of images and text relating to typography and print through the ages.
Character Design Standards
General rules for character shapes in Latin based languages in digital fonts. From Microsoft.com.
Commonly Confused Characters
Unicode and graphic examples of proper quote, hyphen, and space encoding and typographical mistakes.
Features a history of typography, with classifications of type and structure of letterforms.
Creative Pro : Fonts Department
Font news and software reviews links. Exclusive feature articles on typography from Creative Pro's staff of graphic design writers.
A blog by Jon Coltz. Features reviews of typefaces and observations from the life of a type lover.
DigitalThread: TypeHaus
Contains featured foundries, honorable foundries, type resources, and typography links.
Dr. Leslie and The Composing Room
MFA thesis project by Erin K. Malone explores the history of typesetting firm located in New York City.
Encyclopaedia of Typography and Electronic Communi
A short-subject encyclopedia and glossary covering typography, printing, electronic publishing, and electronic communication.
Greeking Machine
Lorem Ipsum generator supporting Latin and several humorous choices.
Guide to Central European Typography
Information on Central European typography: rules, links and other valuable pieces of information.
Information Design Associates
Corporate, information design, and web design.
International Conference on Typography and Visual
Conference organized by the University of Macedonia and alterVision, typography and visual communication ltd
Design services, lettering tours, publications, and fonts available for purchase and download.
Loubet del Bayle, Jean-Christophe
Personal website devoted to typography. Available in English and French.
Medieval Unicode Font Initiative
Non-profit group of scholars working toward a solution to the problem of encoding special characters in Medieval texts written in the Latin alphabet.
Microsoft Typography
Typography news headlines, 'link of the day','book recommendations' and a constantly updated database of over 500 type and typography related sites on the Web.
Name This Font
Encyclopedia of letterforms. Information on the author plus where to purchase the book.
National Print Museum
Site of Ireland's National Print Museum. Contains a short tour of the museum, description of exhibits, a brief history of printing in Ireland and visitor information.
Includes information on typefaces, designers, glossary and resources. Requires Flash plug-in to view site.
Pixel Fonts Explained
In-depth look at the history of bitmap (pixel) typography.
Planet Typography
This portal dedicated to typography includes directory, news, online manual and free fonts to download. Home of The Typographic Times, a font-related eZine with interviews of type designers and portraits of typefaces.
Press for Success
Typographic books and artworks by Jill Yelland.
Society of Typographic Aficionados
Rochester, NY based S{o}TA is an International Organization dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of type, its history and development, its use in the world of print and digital imagery, its designers, and its admirers.
The Evolution of Type
Information on the main characteristics of the letterform, styles and elements of printing types, and the history of the alphabet.
The Glory of Chinese Printing
Online exhibit that details history of printing in China, from block printing through the invention of movable wood type, brass plates, and two-color techniques.
The Goudy International Center for Font Technology
Provides research of typeface names to facilitate designers in name selection. Also provides information on Frederic Goudy and offers typographic links. From the Rochester Institute of Technology.
The International Type Index
A directory of fonts and foundries with the ambitious goal of indexing all existing fonts in the world.
The Typographic Circle
Membership organization providing information on committee, events, publications and membership.
The Typophiles
Founded 70 years ago by Frederic Goudy, Paul Bennett, and others, an educational association that encourages the appreciation and production of fine typography and bookmaking.
Type Books
Resource for publications concerning the letterform arts.
Mission: to promote typefaces as creative works and to advocate their legal protection as intellectual property.
Types and Typography - A guide
A complete guide to the history and science of types, fonts and typography.
Medium sized article, subtitled "How personal typographic Web sites are giving the musty, elitist field of typography is a stiff kick in the keister"
Information on typography from 3500 B.C. to the present day, including evolution, timeline, anatomy, image gallery, studies, glossary and related information.
Exploration and experimentation between typography and imagery.
Typographica. A Journal of Typography.
News, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.
In German and English, this site is an ambitious private project which details the history of alphabets, describes type classifications and provides information about designers as well as about the art of graphic design.
Typolis - typography, type and design
In German and English, a private project which details the history of alphabets, describes type classifications and provides information about designers as well as about the art of graphic design.
Active discussion board with font identification and type design critique forums. Sporadic features include interviews with typographers, news feed, and type design courses.
Information about typography, free type utilities, articles on type and type design, and fonts for sale.
Will-Harris House Writing, Design and Typography
Home of Esperfonto, the web's only interactive typeface selection system, TypoFile magazine for people who use and love type, a design office with corporate ID's, business cards and illustrations, and the Point Reyes Chipmunk Observatory and Garden.