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African American
Titles, 3 Black Chicks Review, African American Cinema, African Americans in Motion Pictures, Black Actors in American Cinema, Black Film, Black Film Center/Archive, Blackflix, Bright Lights Film Journal: The Distribution of Bl, Film Fetish, Midnight Ramble: 1940s
Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, 3rd I, Asian Cinema Drifter, Asian Cinema Weekly, Asian Film Connections, Asian Movie Database, Asian Movies Webring, Bright Lights Film Journal: Hollywood Yellowface, EasternKicks.com, Echoes of Old Hollywood, Filipino Movies on DVD
ABC Arts Online: Film, AusFilm, Australian and New Zealand Cinema, Australian Entertainment Industry, Australian Film, Australian Film Commission, Croydon Film Society, Film Australia, Filmnet - daily news on the Australian film indust, Inside Film Magazine
Are the Yanks Stealing our History?, BBC America: Movies and Specials, British Cinema Greats, British Film Institute, British Film Resource, Britmovie, Cinerhama's Guide To British Movies And Briti, Inside Out Film and Video -- UK film review ezine, It's Not Just Michael Powell
Bulgarian Cinema, IMDb: Bulgarian
Actors and Actresses, Directors, Film Festivals, Titles, Films de France, French Culture: Cinema, French Films of the 1930's, French New Wave, Images: Close-ups, IMDb: French, The French New Wave, Unifrance
Directors, Titles, Filmgeschichte.de, German Cinema, IMDb: German
Actors and Actresses, Directors, Titles, Cinema Club Center, George Wastor's Film Music Page, Greek Film Centre, Greek Films, Greek_B_Movies, IMDb: Greek, Lysippos Epoiisen/Lysippos Created, The Greek Village Cafe - Greek Film Series
Titles, IMDb: Inuktitut, Inuit Films Directory
Titles, IMDb: Gaelic, Ireland Film and Television Network, Irish Film Board, Irish Film Institute, Lisa's Movies About Ireland
Actors and Actresses, Directors, Titles, About.com: Italian Film, All Movie Guide: Italian Cinema, British Film Institute: Cinema Italia, IMDb: Italian, IMDb: Italy, Italian Film Festival, Italian Neorealism, Italica - Moments of Italian Cinema, Kinoeye: An Introduction to the Italian Giallo, Los Angeles Italian Film Awards
Film Festivals, Titles, Gelman Jewish Heritage Video Collection, Harold Mayer Productions, IMDb: Hebrew, Jewish Heritage Video Collection, JewishFilm.com, The National Center for Jewish Film
IMDb: Latvian, The Latvian Film Page
Titles, Mexican Horror Movies, The Films of Santo, el Enmascarado de Plata, The Mexican Film Resource Page
New Zealander
New Zealand Films
Titles, IMDb: Romanian, Kinoeye Archive Romania
Bristol University: Russian web-resources, Images Journal: New Films From Russia, Images Journal: The State of Russian Contemporary , IMDb: Russian, KinoKultura, Montreal World Film Festival 1996, Russian State Film and Photo Archive at Krasnogors
Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, About.com: Scandinavian Film
Directors, Titles, About.com: Spanish Cinema
About.com: World Film
Online community and movie resource guide for independent film and world cinema. Includes actors and actresses, anime, cinematography, directors, and film festivals.
Bozwell's Foreign Films
Searchable database of film reviews.
Foreign Films - Suite101.com
Contains discussion and reviews of films, directors, and trends from outside the United States.
Foreign Films Database
Foreign and independent films, with in-depth articles and biographies, user reviews, and message boards. Searchable by title or director, cross-listed by country, genre, or language. User contributions welcome.
IMDb: Language Browser
Guide to movies that are produced or filmed in a language other than English. Browse or search by nationality, language, or dialect.
Reel Movie Critic: Ethnic Categories
List of films where actors of non-white American origin are featured in starring and supporting roles.
The Film Study Center at Harvard
Comprehensive film and photographic studies of whole cultures. History and profile of center, resources, archive, and other miscellaneous information.
World Cinema
A collection of pages devoted to films, actors, and directors.