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Production Companies and Groups, Titles, eXposure, Gloucester Cine and Video Club, Golden Sphere, The, Project- Ewax Film Studio, The Hide Out, Unhollywood: Movie Making from a New Angle
Cinematographers, Aerialcinematography.com, Ask a Cinematographer, Cinematography Mailing List (CML), cinematography.com, Internet Encyclopedia of Cinematographers, Sivan, Santosh, Uemedia: Cinematographer.com
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10 Minute Film School, Amateur Cat Films, Anamorphoses, Cinema: How are Hollywood Films Made?, Cyber Film School Filmmaking Website, CyberTooth's Guide to Filmmaking and Movies, Digital Filmmaking Secrets, Dogma 2001: New Rules for Internet Cinema, DVFilm's Digital Video to Film Transfer FAQ, Film Foundation
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HDTV, Large Format, Machinima, Pixelvision, Super 8, Widescreen, FCLS Film-Center, HiDef Movies, Letterbox Format Explanation, Nine Five Movies, One Hundred Years of Film Sizes, Thomas Miller's 16mm Film Links and Entertain
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Costumers, Makeup Artists, Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibi, Don DiFonso, How Mike Myers Filled the Hat of the Cat, The Makeup Gallery, Wardrobe Department at Sony Pictures Studios
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2-pop, AlamDV Community, All Filmmakers in the Toronto Area, Another Community of Film Makers and Performing Ar, AssistantDirectors.com, Austin Film Resource, B-Independent.com, College-film.com, Creative Cow, DigitalMovie.com
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Amateur Filmmakers, Professional Filmmakers, Anxiety Films, Directorschair.net
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Adirondack Film Bureau, Directors Guild of Canada, Filmmakers Alliance, Group 312 Films, Independent Feature Project Minneapolis and St. Pa, Kirra Productions, Netribution Film Network, NewEnglandFilm.com, Screaming Reels, The San Diego Amateur Moviemakers Club (SDAMC)
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'How Stuff Works' list of Visual Effects, Blood and Media, Cinefex, EscapeStudios - School of Visual Effects, Highend2d.com, Inside Skywalker Ranch, KODAK: Motion Picture Imaging, Lightsaber Effect Rotoscoping In A Premiere Filmst, Special Effects Homepage, The Art and Science of Special Effects
American Widescreen Museum
Widescreen and early movie color system history, illustrated with technical and non-technical information. Information on old color processes.
Blue Collar Films
Site intended to encourage film crew in the production of their own features, short films, documentaries and other art forms.
Philosophical site about filmmaking and cinematography.
Edward Ditterline's Spank The Mind Studios
An look at how one person and one studio creates film, digital video, live theatrical and multimedia productions [Flash Only.]
Enter Future Filmmaker
Explanation of the history, and processes of filmmaking.
Online starting point for filmmakers and film lovers. A movie-oriented community site and search engine.
Film-related events listing, directory of film professionals, and independent films in streaming media format for online viewing.
Future Movies
Film articles and reviews, tips for new filmmakers, and links to filmmaking resources.
Australian resource for people in the film industry. News, film reviews, discussion forums, and links.
Highlander Film
Links directory and informational articles on filmmaking.
Information for the Film Professional
Information, humour, links and news for film crew.
Low-Fi Video
Independent, alternative, low/no-budget, amateur, Web and digital cinema in Serbia. Background information, video archive, contact information, and links.
Movies for the Masses
Movement to create a fund that can be used to finance film projects that people want to see.
Project Seven
Six filmmakers have been challenged to each make seven short films in the year 2002. Site includes information on the films' themes and deadlines.
Shoot and Post
Publisher of books and documentation to assist production professionals.
The Girls' Room: Indie Filmmaking Pages with
Tips, links and lots of independent filmmaking, plus a special page devoted to sex, violence and censorship at the movies.
The Motion-Picture Industry: Behind-the-Scenes
A look at how films are made. Reference section, and links.
The State of the UK Film Industry in a Global Mark
MBA (Exec) online research project. Now available for viewing to the general public and film industry executives.