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A Short History of the Movies
Web companion to the book by Gerald Mast, with links to sites related to film history.
AGP Film Credits Database
A database of film credits including the cast, crew, effects and support personnel, suppliers, and distributors.
Based on the Book
Compilation of book titles, short stories, and plays that have been made into motion pictures.
Bob World Film Database
List of films, videos, and television series in which there is a female actor with a "bob" hairstyle.
Horror, sci-fi, thriller, fantasy and bizarre movies. Contains film information, multimedia, and historical details.
Lists actresses who have died on-screen. Many entries include descriptions on the death and screen captures.
Comic Book Movie
News about the production of movies based on comic book characters.
DC Movie Guide
Locations used in movies filmed in Washington DC. Alphabetical listing with pictures, film titles, and descriptions.
Fiction Into Film Database
Searchable list of science fiction, fantasy, horror movies and TV shows that were based on works of fiction.
Information about personal dedications found at the end credits for various films.
Garner's Movie Classics
A collection of movies sorted by genre with quotes, pictures and/or sounds for the listed titles. Also includes one-word reviews of recent films.
Hollywood Ripper
Chronological guide to feature and television films about Jack the Ripper. Film details include credits, synopses, and relationships with other films.
National and regional support schemes for the development, production and distribution of films and audiovisual works in the European Union Member States.
Systematic compilation of annual film ticket sales statistics in European cinemas since 1996. Entries include totals and a breakdown by individual country.
Reveals endings to classic and recently released features. Alphabetical listing of films.
Movies Past and Present
Plot outlines and capsule reviews for films in various genres.
Mystical Movie Guide
Reviews, ratings, and synopses for metaphysical and spiritual movies.
Ruined Endings
Provides endings for various films, organized alphabetically. Allows user contributions and modifications.
Listing of sequels, prequels, and remakes that are slated for release. Includes sortable listings, rankings, and links to specific movie information.
The 80s Movies Rewind
Films from the 1980s listed alphabetically or by genre. Listings include plot synopses, reviews, trivia, and film recommendations.
The Epics
An interactive list of Hollywood films whose running time exceeds 3 hours. Provides pictures of the DVD covers and running times for each film [requires Flash].
The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations
Includes photographs of varous shooting locales as well as film synopses. Allows browsing by place, film, or cast member.
War Movies Database
Films indexed by historical conflict. Listings include synopses, reviews, and photographs.
Where Did They Film That
Location listings for films made in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Allows searching by film title or place name.