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Charts, Chats and Forums, Collections, Directories, Divx, Multi-Region, Region 1, Region 2, Region 4, Regional
Laserdisc Database, Laserdisc Forever, Laserdisc Information, laserdisc.altervista.org
Amazing Colossal
Reviews of home video films. Includes new releases, older films, films considered bad, humorous reviews, and movie-related articles.
Billboard Video Rental Charts
The top-ten selling and most rented videos and DVDs.
Information on the Cartrivision video tape recorder, the first home video tape recorder available in the US.
Chip Taylor Communications
Over 1200 videos for all ages. How-to, entertainment, education, documentaries, arts, humanities, sports, history.
Entertainment Palace
Information on the import and buying of VCDs.
Entertainment Tonight: Videos
Guide to current video releases.
High Five Video Guide
Five weekly capsule reviews of videos to rent, by a DVD reviewer and a video store owner.
Information about recent video releases and a list of movie reviews sorted by genre.
Movie Zone
New release schedule, reviews, and charts.
Movies You Want
Film database for film fans trying to track down rare films on VHS and DVD.
Not Coming to a Theater Near You
Full and capsule reviews of little-known home video releases.
Includes reviews, release schedules, rentability index, children's videos, news, sell-through and widescreen information, links to studios and links to online and mail order sales.
Paramount Home Video
Information about new releases and coming attractions. Also contains many adventure, comedy, drama and sci fi films.
PSVratings Media Ratings System
Content-based ratings system measuring profanity, sex, and violence in DVD and video releases [free registration required].
Reviews for movies that go straight to video.
Tainies Co Ltd
Collection of DVD and video box cover graphics.
Upcoming Attractions
Find new video, dvd, and laserdisc releases with dates and reviews.
Release schedules for upcoming video and DVD releases; includes related news.
Walt Disney Videos
Current and upcoming home video releases. Information on Disney DVD titles.