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About.com Classic Movie Sound Files, Andy's Movie Sounds, Arena MP3 Site, Audible Beauty, Audio Film Commentaries, BillBrown.com, Carson's Collection of Wave Files, Colossal Quote Archive, Congo's Movie Sound Wav Files, Film Secrets - Movie Sound Page
Desktop Customization
AnySkins Desktop Themes: Movies, Cinefania Wallpapers, Classic Savers, Daily Collage, JoBlo's Movie Screensavers, The SmoothArtist's Backdrops and Artwork, Wizard Wallpaperz
Clips, Drift Reality, MeTV.com, Sightsound.com, Surreal: Music Videos, Takt Films
Collection of rare and hard-to-find movie images. Can be browsed by title, genre, decade, actor, or director.
Freeze Frame
Photographs and trailers for several titles.
Hollywood.com: Multimedia
Trailers, interviews, and video footage and images from film premieres.
Magic Movies
Sounds, photographs, trailers, and video clips from a variety of films.
Motion Picture and Television Photo Archive
Over one milllion images documenting the work of Hollywood's most outstanding still photographers.
Movie Images
Wallpapers, slideshows, and screenshots from various films.
Dedicated to the "music videos" seen in some movies that convey important narrative that would take too long to convey normally. Provides stills from the montages and information about the background music, as well as discussion forums.
Moviecentre.net: Photo Gallery
Still photographs from upcoming films, arranged by month and by title.
Rotten Tomatoes: Multimedia
Movie trailer links, trailer flipbooks, and photo galleries.
SpunOne Productions
Features videos from Blues Brothers and Tie-Dyed, as well as various music tracks.
The Bizz
Candid photos from the set of Charlie's Angels, and failed stunt videos from Swordfish.