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A Movie List
The Movie List is a place to go when deciding good movies to rent. A compilation of people from all over the globe's favourites.
Alexander's Favorite Disney Movies
Looks at more than a dozen of Disney's animated classics, from the perspective of both a toddler and his parents.
All U Need
Everything you need in entertainment from information, reviews, and ratings of movies and music.
Ardabros' Cult and Classic Movie Page
Information and reviews of author's favorite cult movies sorted by genre.
Biglars' Homepage
Features opinions on movies and details on favorite sport teams.
Blockbuster Customers Suck
Blockbuster Video employee presents site about video renter stupidity.
Bosskdawg's Movie World
Author's favourite celebrities, film reviews, cartoons and wrestling.
Brian's World of Movies
Information about prominent film directors and several horror film series. Also includes movie-related articles by Brian Fitzgerald.
Burning Crotch Productions
Reviews and commentary on mainstream film.
Camy's Movie Page
Description and quotes from author's favorite movies.
Chicago Girl
Contains personal details and lists of favorite movies by type.
Choi's Classic Film Page
Personal site containing favorite movie lists by decade for the last 100 years of film
Chuck Griffith's Site
Chuck's work in cinematography, the web and his own opinions on a variety of topics.
Several reviews, movie bloopers, and trivia.
Cinemaster David Robert Smith
The official homepage of Cinemaster Dave, offering information about him, his hobbies and friends, about his movies and projects and about the movies he loves.
Classic Film
Television airings calendar, list of films, actor information.
Classic Trailers
Personal tributes to the stars and directors of the silver screen.
Countdown to Corruption
Personal site with reviews and pictures for films including Godfather II, Snatch, and Fight Club.
Critterbob's DVD Movies
A personal list of favorite movies on DVD. Mainly animated, action, horror and science fiction with movie synopsis and cover photo. Indexed by title and category.
Dan's Movie Madness Pages
Reviews, film theory, and other movie madness including an extensive Tim Burton Page.
Dave Rudd
A personal site with biographical information and wedding pictures for this Emmy nominated director of photography.
Dave's Movie Page
List of links to underrated films, with brief comments.
Demonic Pillbug
Flash movie making, encapsulated film reviews, quotes, and polls. Also includes a message board, chat room, and links.
Diary of a Movie Addict
Information about favorite films, underrated actors, recommended books about film, and a wish list for films to be released on home video.
Dimka Movies
Links and information on mostly non-mainstream films.
Includes fan's list of favorite 100 movies, and links.
Doctor Ed's Doctored Shows and Films
Provides information on trading video tapes of altered films and television shows.
Dorothy Lee and Wheeler and Woolsey Tribute
Dedicated to the fascinating careers & lives of 1930s comedians Dorothy Lee, Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey.
Drew the Dragon's Lair
Join Drew the Dragon and his friend/assistant Matt the Magician as they discuss Star Wars, Beast Wars, and other stuff.
EAW Movies Home Page
Eric A Wildgrube's film reviews, rating system, and top 25 personal favourites.
Eclectric Dragonfly: Screen Caps Database
Features a selection of video stills and sound clips from various films. Also includes commentary on some favorite films.
Elf's Page
Features personal pictures and wav files from favorite movies.
Famous Flix
Fan-written reviews, upcoming film details and gossip, accompanied by pictures.
Fidelio's Film Central Services
Reviews of recent theater and DVD releases, awards, and polls.
Film Music Literature Cyberplace
Includes film reviews, message boards, chat room, and images from various films.
Film Reviews by Vita Lusty
A personal movie site featuring reviews of Vita's favorite movies including obscure films such as Italian for Beginners, and Stevie.
Reviews of Gregg Donaldson's favourite films from a variety of genres.
Includes coverage of the movie Metropolis, other reviews, and links.
Forumula for a Modern Epic
A funny list of character types considered necessary for a modern epic including digital sidekicks, cowardly friends, hot chicks, and high class villains.
Golden Patty Awards
Chili-n-Willie host their own version of the Academy Awards, with user nominations.
Gorman Films
Michael Gorman's personal site featuring screenplays, short films, commentary, reviews, and a messageboard.
Hallopino Film
Features fan tributes to Fight Club, Face/Off, and the Tick TV show.
Hauntnut Presents Celluloid Junkie
Movie and DVD reviews, personal information, and links.
Hot Stuff's Movie Page
Contains wav files from movies and poetry.
Jack-the-Lad's Favorite Movie List
An ex-projectionist and armchair film critic presents his list of the best films ever made.
Jefferson Burruss
Web site producer for Paramount Pictures Interactive Marketing. Links to sites completed, upcoming projects, and a diary.
Jill's Movie Guide
Personal site with brief reviews of favorite movies by genre such as comedy or action.
Justin's Movie Corner
Reviews and top ten lists of movies, old and new.
Kate at the Movies
Synopses and reviews of favorite films.
Katjes Movie World
Movie reviews, ratings, rating reasons, awards, and recommended viewing.
King Rex
Features links to celebrity sites, reviews of a few current movies, and box office information.
King Spud's Movie and TV Pages
Includes AFI's top lists, personal film reviews, Academy Awards opinions, television hall of fame, actor biographies, a quiz, and related links.
Kristian's Year at the Cinema
Film ratings broken down by several categories, movie attendance statistics, and film synopses.
Links Of My Favour
Information about Star Trek (Original), William Shatner, Phil Hartman, Bill Bixby, and other subjects.
Magique: 100 Movie Scenes
One hundred classic movie scenes, described and assessed by a film enthusiast.
Makeup effects by James Rogers
Creature creations by James Rogers including foam latex monsters and sculptures.
Merlin's Manifesto
Upcoming movie news, trailers, desktop themes, and message boards. Featuring horror, fantasy, and science fiction entertainment.
Mikey's Movie Page
Mikey writes reviews for recent movies and gives out his own annual movie awards.
Movie Magic and the Silver Screen
Brief film and television show reviews, information about people involved in making movies, several top lists, and opinions on movie-related subjects.
Movie Mania
Reviews, previews, boxoffices, a FREE newsletter a mini-newspaper. Discuss in the forums or vote your opinions.
Movie Mania
Personal site with information about favorite movies including Top Gun, Pretty Woman, and First Knight.
Movie Mayhem
Reviews, DVD releases, message board, and links to trailers.
Movie Waffle
An Irish movie fan presents his opinions on cinema. With posters, midi files, and reviews.
My Favorite Movies
Features images and commentary on one fan's favorite movies, Television shows, and music types.
My Home This Is
Personal site with commentary and storyline ideas for Star Wars, The Simpsons, and Tim Burton movies.
Information about Christina Ricci, Danny Elfman, Tim Burton, and lots of crazy gothic stuff.
Nikkis Favorite's
Info about a female film fan's interest in movies as well as links to Tim Burton and Jim Henson related sites.
Ocean Blue Films
Includes reviews of movies, message board, polls, trailers, and box office stats.
Overcast Productions
UK cinema release dates, pictures from films, links, and a forum.
Paul's Video Tape Trade
A video and DVD trading page for fans of sci-fi, horror, and exploitation films of the 1950s and 1960s.
Pete's Movie Page
Trailers, release dates, movie web rings, and other movie information.
Phil Johnson
Pictures and brief descriptions of prominent directors, actors and actresses. Pictures of film videotape covers, organized by category. Poetry, soundtracks, and links.
Phil Pearson's Website Of Film
A personal movie site with reviews, a regular voting poll, pictures, guestbook, and other film related information.
Planet BG
Personal site with a Matrix movie like theme and coverage of singer CoCo Lee and a guide of things to do in Los Angeles.
Ralv's Film Reviews
Reviews, quotes and a top 100 list.
Roy Short's Movie Posters
Pictures and information about a private collection of Clint Eastwood, and John Wayne movie posters and videos
SailorMagenta's World
Contains a Sailor Moon shrine, a Rocky Horror Picture Show Shrine, and other stuff.
Sanfilippo's Weird Assembly
Features favorite movies and information about the weird world of the site's creator.
Sarah's Consciousness
Provides list of favorite actors and small trivia quiz.
SciFi Destinations
Features information about comic book characters like Green Lantern, as well as information about sci-fi movies and shows such as Star Trek and Star Wars
Scott Plauche
An online portfolio for feature film and movie production designer Scott Plauche.
Staci's Chalet
Features links to favorite movies, plays, and humor.
Stephen Bourne's Movie Quips
Personal reviews of recently released films.
Sumesh's web page
Personal Indian movie site featuring list of favorite Indian movies and personal information.
The Big Screen
Film news, video releases, reviews, awards, images, message board, and related links.
The Bloomies
Best films from 1900 to present, according to Robert Bloom.
The Film Red Line
Features reviews, links, and image galleries for favorite movies such as "Good Will Hunting" and "Fight Club."
The Golden Age of the Bunny Film
True story of the once great "Bunny Film" Industry as told by one of the greatest bunny stars
The Larry Page: Film
Features a top 100 films of all time list along with lists of best films by year released according to Lary.
The LenzView
Provides personal commentary on life, reviews of movies, and DVD information.
The Lyons Den
Features film reviews, a Catherine Zeta-Jones page, and picture pages.
The Ongoing Adventures
Features film reviews, essays, a list of favorite films, as well as features on other entertainment formats.
The Tao of the World and Beyond
Member of Star Wars Webring, Blair Witch Project WebRing, has detailed web pages for Star Wars, BWP fans and is also a personal page.
Third Millennium Entertainment
Something for everyone. Screenwriting, film and video production, story boarding, FAQs, industry links, movie trivia, journal log of script-in-progress, plus information on comics, and graffiti art.
Thrills from both sides of the camera
Multi-faceted filmmaker's inside look at "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Hills Have Eyes," "Re-Animator," and "Confessions of a Serial Killer". Also Rondo Haton and genealogy.
TKO Home Page
Tim's favorite movies, actors, and actresses. Reviews, odd facts, and pictures.
Tom Lythe
Lists of upcoming feature and short films.
Volta Films
Enthusiastic, intensely opinionated responses to films from Seattle-based critic/filmmaker Adam Hart.