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DreamWorks SKG
DreamWorks Fansite, DreamWorks SKG
Handmade Films
Beatles Reference Library: Harrison Judgement, Screenonline: Handmade Films, Suite101.com: Handmade Films
View Askew
News Askew, The View Askewniverse, Video ETA: View Askew News
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures
Alliance Atlantis Films
Information on upcoming and past movies, including synopses, cast lists, galleries and trailers.
Becker Entertainment
Australian production and distribution company. Details of past and current film, television and video projects.
Castle Rock Entertainment
Details of current and previous movies produced, and company information.
Focus Films
The specialty films unit of Universal Pictures. With information on past, present and future releases.
Fox Movies
Provides details of upcoming films and links to films already produced. Official site.
Imagine Entertainment
Lists upcoming releases and provides biography of founders.
Lions Gate Films
Contains corporate information, upcoming and current releases, archives and newsletter.
MGM Studios
Details of current and past releases, and corporate information.
Miramax Films
Information on current and future films, with trailers, cast lists and synopses.
New Line Cinema
Information on past, current and future features, links to official sites, cast lists, synopses and trailers.
Paramount Pictures
Feature film production and distribution, video and DVD worldwide distribution, and production of programs for television broadcast and syndication.
Official site. Contains a list of films produced, company profile and contact details.
Revelations Entertainment
Independent production company of Morgan Freeman. Films include 'Under Suspicion', 'Circle William' and the upcoming 'Rendezvous with Rama'.
RKO Pictures
Founded in 1929, it is one of the oldest continuously operating studios. Produced many classics including: Citizen Kane and It's a Wonderful Life.
Serendipity Point Films
Includes a studio profile, biography of founders, list of films and contact information.
Smokin' Mirrors
Official Site - short films, music videos, dope graffix, graffiti art, murals, culture, politics, and tezcatlipoca.
Sony Pictures - Movies
Official movie site. Provides information on upcoming and current releases, and corporate information.
Spyglass Entertainment
Provides details of upcoming releases, recent releases and past projects; contains company information and contact details.
Universal Pictures
Details of current and future releases, including cast lists and synopses, with links to trailers.
Warner Bros.
Official site with details of past and upcoming release, with trailers, photos and cast lists.
Wheelhouse Entertainment
The company that produced such films as "We Were Soldiers", "Braveheart", and "Pearl Harbor." Company background, film and other project details, news, and merchandise [requires Flash].