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Bloopers and Mistakes
Awesome Movie Mistakes, Mistakes of Movies, Movie Bloopers Online, Movie Mistake Pictures, The Big List of Movie Mistakes, Wallywood, Whoops! Movie Goofs
#1- Movies Trivia Quiz Challenge, 1980's Movies Hangman, 90's Movie Quiz, ArnIIe, Cinema Bytes, Cool Movie Trivia, Corn Fed's Movie Quote Trivia, Film Quiz, FilmFive, FilmWise
Bluff Buff
Amaze your friends with little known movie trivia about wookies and such like
Bras In Mainstream Movies
Alphabetical listing of scenes which include women's brassieres.
Continuity Corner
Movie mistakes, trivia, cliches, and famous locations.
Film Incoherence
Film mistakes, goofs, bad translations and myths analysed. French and English.
Film Sound Cliches
Stereotypes found in film sounds, as well as common logic flaws, arranged by keyword.
Games and quizzes involving movie quotes and taglines.
Major Award Winners
Yearly lists of Oscar, Grammy and Emmy award winners.
Motion Picture Locations
Still images of locations in the I-55 South corridor in Louisiana and Mississippi.
Movie Secrets
Secrets and inside jokes that you always seem to notice, and some that you never would. Categorized in alphabetical order.
Oh Joy! Movie Trivia and Facts
Database of hidden jokes, tidbits, nitpicks and other weird and interesting facts in movies. Contributions are welcome.
Questions About Movies
Volunteer experts from AllExperts answer questions about films.
Reel Streets
Information on UK locations for films made in from the 1920s to 1980s.
Roger Ebert Movie Answer Man
Roger Ebert answers questions (no matter how obscure) from film fans.
Sci-Fi Trivia Real
Collection of interesting trivia, insights and insider information about popular science fiction movies.
The American Pie Neighborhood
A look at a neighborhood in Long Beach, California, where the homes used in the filming of American Pie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Red Dragon, Donnie Darko and Not Another Teen Movie.
The Movie Cliches List
A humorous look at the most annoying and common logic flaws and stereotypes found in movies.
Things We've Learned from Movies
Listing of curious factoids which would be true if movies were real.
Urban Legends References Pages: Movies
Urban legends about movies.
Volkswagens in Film and Video
Devoted to sightings of air-cooled VeeDubs in cinema, TV programs, commercials, music videos and in other media.