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Active writing forum with creative categories.
Writing forum with various categories of text based entertainment including: fiction, poetry, and role playing.
Elite Skills: Online Writing
Uniquely managed user-based free writing forum where users can submit poetry, stories, or anything text based.
Community for poets and writers of any skill levels or styles to share and improve writing.
Freefall Expression Creativity Forum
Writing forum featuring fiction, fanfiction, artwork, discussions, and debates.
Frustrated Writers Online
Writers workshop open to all writers of all ages. Areas covering interactive story telling, poetry, short stories, non fiction, writer's tips, message boards and chat room.
Irony Waves
A group of poets, artists and musicians influenced by the Beat Generation.
Teen managed writers forum targetted for teens and accepting anyone 13+.
Member based literary community where users can create clubs, writing galleries, blogs and personal websites to get exposure and critique.
Looking Land
Writing community forum where users can submit their thoughts, debate, and argue.
Mindsight Forum
Forum for authors, writers, agents, publishers, and editors.
Mosaic Musings, LLC
Poetry and prose forum with creative titles and well organized genre subdivisions for critique.
Fantasy and science fiction forum offering submission and chat services to writers.
Pagan Poet
Celebrating pagan poets, authors, artists, and musicians.
Poetry Rhythm and Rhyme Time
MSN group of writers where users can post and get critiques and commentary.
RhymeZone Forum
An online community for writers, poets, songwriters, and language enthusiasts to share and critique work and discuss issues related to the English language.
Shared Writing
A forum for sharing writing of many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, and romance. Also offers a poetry forum and archives of contributed fiction and non-fiction.
Tag You're It - Writing Club
Tag writing community in which one person starts the piece, and others contribute. Includes related links and FAQ.
Talk about Journalism
Journalism discussion forums with topics like reporting, newspapers, jobs, research, and even gonzo writing.
The Kaged Artists Community
Artists community mainly focusing on poetry but includes drawing, and prose and other topics related to the arts.
The Pleasure Dome
An online club for writers about discussion, debate, personal, professional support.
The Writer Community
Discussion boards, polls, contests, events calendar.
Web Writing Profit
Writers community with a for-profit theme.
Write Here Write Now
Forum offering weekly prompts, newsletters, critiquing, and writing over a variety of genres.
Writer's Waters II
Free community and forum for writers, artists, poets, publishers and freelancers.
Forum of contributed poetry, short stories, diaries, and reviews.
Writers Write Forums
Forum community discussing publication, journalism, and variety of other thematic writing categories.
Place for writers to exchange creative ideas, share their stories. Includes a monthly ezine, chat forum, and other resource links.
Provides a place for writers to meet and chat about the writing craft, post stories, and meet other writers. Also provides tips, contests, markets and original works.