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Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Al Mansouria Foundation, Art Sans Frontiere, Artist in Venice, Artpool, Arts And Letters Society Of The Americas, Arts Foundation of New Zealand, ArtSource, Bahrain Arts Society, Centre for Creative Arts, Creative Napier
Art for the World :
A non-profit organization for contemporary art and humanitarian purposes.
Artists Helping Artists
Nonprofit organization that offers roundtables and contests, and creates call to arts expos.
Artsyard: A Cyber Colony for the Arts
Provides temporary and permanent residencies to professionals in the arts in any part of the world.
Athenaeum International Cultural Association
International cultural association organizes panels, research and lectures.
CEC International Partners
Works with artists, art managers and museums in the U.S., Russia, the NIS and Eastern and Central Europe, to combine efforts and address issues of mutual concern.
College Art Association
Promotes excellence in scholarship and teaching in the history and criticism of the visual arts and in creativity and technical skill in the teaching and practices of art.
Creativity, Copyright and Cultural Industries
UNESCO promotes living cultures through the promotion and protection of creativity, promotion of craftwork and design and several activities undertaken in the field of books and cultural industries.
Express Yourself
A not-for-profit arts organization that explores the individual creative process through various art forms including movement, music, theatre, and visual arts.
Found Art
Global project using art to heal the world
Foundation for Art Resources (FAR)
Facilitates the production and presentation of work not supported by traditional venues such as galleries, museums, and universities.
French-American Collaborative in Language and Art
A not-for-profit group of artists, writers, photographers, film-makers and linguists
Institute for Cultural Exchange
The Institute understands itself as link between artists, cultural institutions and companies.
International Child Art Foundation
ICAF, a not-for-profit organization, celebrates and promotes children's art, imagination and creativity globally.
International Music and Art Foundation
Established in Vaduz, Liechtenstein for the purpose of receiving funds from individuals and corporations for distribution in support of worthy arts organizations worldwide.
KulturAXE - International Art Action
Transnational organization initiates and organizes international art projects and focuses on innovative, experimental working methods and border crossing cooperation.
La Biennale di Venezia
Interdisciplinary cultural society concerned with visual arts, architecture, dance, music, theatre and cinema. History, media, calendar, event tickets, and contact information.
Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation
Arranges conferences, exhibitions and art competitions for students and artists, as well as international meetings in Florence in order to promote peace among young people.
Seven Dragons
Expositions of original artwork and exposure of artists of all genres. Promotes multicultural and international exchange and collaboration.
Society for Arts
A not-for-profit public institution focused on promoting cultural communication between Europe and the USA.
Strokes of Genius - Contemporary Iraqi Art
Intends to communicate the positive and creative energies of Iraqi artists dispersed throughout the world today.
The Camargo Foundation
Offers residential fellowships in Cassis, France, for researchers and artists. Describes accommodations and local resources, and gives applications and requirements.
The Dactyl Foundation for the Arts and Humanities
A not-for-profit organization, encourages the view that there is a place for artistic intention even in a world without telos.
The Henry Moore Foundation
To advance the education of the public by the promotion of their appreciation of the fine arts and in particular the works of Henry Moore.
The Pollock-Krasner Foundation
Provides financial assistance to individual working artists of established ability.
The United Artists Coalition for Kids!
U.A.C.K. is composed of artists ranging in age from 16 through 34. We come together to create a world of artistic expression for young children who may not have the opportunity to experience this aspect of life. Our programs explore crafts, creative writing, dance, music, theatre and the visual arts.
Features art and artists represented by 68 countries and the United Nations.
Twin Rivers Media Festival
Nonprofit organization event for film, video, audio, CD multimedia, Internet media, scriptwriting and journalism. General information, entry forms, dates, and archive.
Vicious Aubergine Association
Mutual aid organization for artists, including its own production agency. Links, listings of opportunities, information on how to help.
VSA Arts (formerly Very Special Arts)
International arts organization serving people with disabilities of all ages, with a large network of affiliates. A wide range of educational opportunities, exhibits and performances in all of the arts from young children through elderly adults.