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Animated Art by gnv, Animations from Andreas Freise, Artwork and Animation by Daniel Hunt, ASCIImator, Chickenman, Clint's ASCII Animation Gallery, Gallery of ASCII Animations by llizard, Index of Veronica's Animations, Kangaroo's ASCII Animation, Peace
Comic Strips, Themes, 1oo%, Alfie ASCII Art, Andreas Freise's ASCII Art, Around Midnight, ASCII Art by =jf=, ASCII Art by Sebastian Stöcker (SSt), ASCII Picture Collection V1.2, ASCII Stereogram Generator, Avital ASCII Art, AXB ASCII Collection
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ASCII Art: Super Low Bandwidth, Signature, Finger, and Customized Headers FAQ, Thoughts About Composing ASCII Art
A/S/C/I/I v1.1., Artho Software, ASCII Generator, FIGlet, Figlet Java, Hixie Figlet Server, Lonster's Figlet Server, Mud Magic ASCII Banner Generator, phpFiglet, Thebobo.com
#Mirc_Txt4Play, #mIRC_Wavs'N'Text, #Txt_World, Colored Art by Misty48, Cryssy's ASCII Art, Flannie's Best-est ASCII Text Art, mIRC ASCII Art, RedMoon, Skuld's Hjemmeside
Publications and Media
About ASCII and ASCII Art, About Joan G. Stark, ASCII Art Channel, ASCII Art Chat, ASCII Art Documents Archive, ASCII Art: Super Low Bandwidth, Asco-o, Asskey Artist, Backwash: I've Always Wanted my Name in ASCII, Backwashkids: Computer Art - Kids Can Do It
Signature Art
Coolsig, Esther's Signature File Collection, Sig-List, Signature Collection, Signature Files of jgs, Signature Museum, Sven's Signature Collection
Signature Files
A Guide to Email Signatures, Making Your Mark, My Favorite Signature Quotes, Siglets.com, SigMania, Signatures, Smileys & Acronyms, Subject: Funny Email Sigs, The Gallery of Annoying Email Signatures, Whistle Stop Cafe
Also known as Put on a Happy Face, Bronwen and Claire's Really Huge Emoticon Col, Canonical Smiley List, ChatMag: Smileys, Common Emoticons and Acronyms, Computer Geek Emoticons, eHumor Central, Emoticons, Emoticons, Emoticons
Alan's IOCCC Entry, Alpha in ASCII, Alternate's ASCII Artist, AnsiPaint, Artist Mode for Emacs, ascflip, ASCII Art Ensemble, ASCII Art Studio, ASCII Editor Beta, ASCII Generator
Text Art
AA-project, ASCII Art Desktops, ASCII Art for AOL Chat, ASCII Art Selection, Black Maiden, Digital Mona Lisa, Icontext, Physical ASCII, Text Art Museum, The Paul Smith Foundation
ASCII Art Centre
A ring for all lovers of ASCII art. Started in 1996.
ASCII Arts Ring
Webring style collection of artists' sites featuring ASCII and HTML/ ASCII images.
ASCII Ribbon Campaign
Campaign against HTML mail, vCards and proprietary formats.
Respect ASCII Artists Campaign
Most ASCII artists will copyright their art by adding their initials or some other identifying tag. ASCII art is shared freely, to remove the artist's tag and steal the art or claim it as your own is very disrespectful to the artist and their generousity in sharing their art.
Shoot 'em ASCII Art Game
Game that uses ASCII graphics. Top scores can be synchronized with other users to see how good you are.
The Semi-Official, Semi-Serious ASCII Ribbon Campa
Campaign against gratuitous graphics on the internet.