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Bichara, Inger - Botanical Collages, BradArt Collage Gallery, Carey, Denise, Carl, Vince, Carnaglia, Denis, CollageGallery.com, Copeland, Dale, Dugdale, Rowena, Finer, Carole, Fullham, Richard
Digital Collage
2nd Yr Landscape Architecture Students, Ali, D. P., All My Socks Are Dirdy, Andersen, Thor, Baldridge, Jane Lawton, Cardinal, Marie Annick Isabelle, Dartmouth Collage - Random Collage, Digital Collage Gallery, Digital Graffiti for the People, Digital Photo Collage
Photo Montage
Irelantis, J. Livesay Gallery, Laudator, Photomontage
ArtLex - Visual Arts Dictionary: Collage
Collage in art, defined with illustrations, great quotations, and links to other resources.
Dedicated to the art of collage. Links to resources, workshops, and group exhibitions.
The result of thousands of hours of chewing and spreading. See the art, news/media clips, and order a GumArt calendar.
I am a Gallery
Ongoing exhibition of collages and speculative fiction.
Jiri Kolar: Books and Images
Reference of books by and about him and examples of his work.
KinderArt - Sculpture and Collage
Sculpture and collage lesson plans for kids of all ages, from KinderArt.
MetroActive Arts ; Collage Arts
Article by Zack Stentz.
Murder 1978
Story of the trial and execution of an innocent man using collages and poems
Smith - Mixed Media Collage and Poet
Sculpture, assemblage, and collage art. Blends industrial and everyday materials into moving visual statements of striking beauty.
The International Museum of Collage at the Ontolog
Museum dedicated to collage, assemblage, and constructive forms of artistic production. Includes writings, images and links to a webring and email group called 'collage'. Part of the International Post-Dogmatist Group's Ontological Museum maintained by collage artist Cecil Touchon.
Theater of the Dead
Online gallery of collages and found images of Death, completely black and white.
Yahoo Groups: Collage
Conversation is centered around the technical, theoretical and aesthetic implications generated by a constructive approach to art making.
Yahoo! Groups: Art_of_Collage
This list is for the discussion and study of collage as an art form. It is intended as a forum for the exchange of techniques, materials, ideas and inspiration.