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Egg Art
Art of Elegant Eggs Ring, Art on Eggs, Authentic Egg Artistry by Darlene, Brooke Elaine Hand Carved Eggshells, Carol's Art Treasures, Decorated Eggs, Egg Art Belgium, Egg Art by Peggy Vincent, Egg Art Pure, Eggcentricity
Gourd Art
Adirondack Spirit Gourds, Arizona Gourd Creations, Art From The Gourdvine, BAM Gourd Craft, Celebrate Creation, Cindy Lee Art Studio, Claire Cassan, Contemporary Artifacts, Creekside Crafts, Earleybird Creations
Draeger Unusual Art
Three dimensional wall sculptures, furniture, murals and paintings by Steve Draeger.
Ferber, Chad
Painted objects, made of cardboard, plaster, and paper.
Hyde, James
Painted plastic, fabric, concrete, styro-foam, and glass objects, and photography.
Reality Hacking
Unusual art taking advantage of the real world.
Trezevant, Peg
Exhibits paintings-sculptures-objects, all in one.
Yamarone, Robert
Creates figurines of people and pets, using food.