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A.R.T. Research Enterprises, Art Castings of Colorado, Big Sky Bronze Art Foundry, David Johnson Studios, Elliot Gantz and Co., Light Sculpture Works, Maiden Foundry, Modern Art Foundry, Pietrasanta Fine Arts Foundry, Pogue Studio and Foundry
Ancient Sculpture, Gargoyles, Green Man, Sculptors, Sheela na Gigs, 1200 Years of Italian Sculpture, Blue Madonna, Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture, Dupagne, Arthur (1895-1961), End of Europe's Middle Ages: Sculpture, Glasgow - City of Sculpture, History of Sculpture, Indian Sculpture and Temple Ornamentation, Liverpool's Peter Pan, Meteorite Taipei
Allen, Joel S, Ankrom, Richard, Beard, Robert Roane, Benusis, MaryAnne, Bews, Philip and Gorvin, Diane, Beyond Borders Bi-National Art Foundation, Blankman, Judith, Bock, John, Booth, Chris, Brown, Sheldon
Africart, Bicester Sculpture Group, Catavento Sculpture Studio, Colorado Academy of Art, Feat of Clay Studio, Ferrocement, Marble Carving in Italy, Mold Making Videos, Newcomb Art Dept, Tulane, Play Clay Class For Children
Models and Prototypes
Art Tech Productions, Avant-Garde Studio, Blue Genie Art, E. Studios
Association of Finnish Sculptors, Association of Sculptors of Victoria, French Union of Sculptors and Plastic Artists, Friends of Sculpting, International Sculpture Center, Kinetic Arts Organization, National Sculpture Society, New England Sculptors Association, Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, Scottish Borders Sculptors Collective
Parks and Gardens
Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America, International Directory of Sculpture Parks, Sculpture Parks and Gardens Directory
Casting, Ceramics, Glass, Metals, Mixed Media, Paper, Plastics, Sand and Ice, Stone, Wood
Art Horse Studio
A sculpting firm offers gothic and contemporary sculpture for residential, corporate, or commercial art applications.
Art Reach
An information site for sculptors featuring links to art supplies, schools, opportunities, competitions, grants, residencies handlers and journals.
Arted Stainless Sculptures
Design and fabrication studio based in the Netherlands, specialising in design and moulding of stainless steel.
Biscuit Run Studios
A stone carving studio in Charlottesville, Virginia which offers entry-level apprenticeships and classes.
Espace Sculpture
Canadian sculpture magazine with interviews, in-depth articles and special issues related to various aspects of three dimensionality.
Contemporary Czech art glass gallery and exhibitions.
It'll Have Blinking Eyes and a Moving Mouth
Documentary film tribute to kinetic sculpture. The film-makers, images from the film, press comment.
Khalsa Studio
Glass, metal and mixed media artworks for commercial or individual projects.
Kijak Studios
A moldmaking, modelmaking, sculpture services company providing information and products for art and industry.
Monument to Mankind
Selected sculptors from each of the 193 world nations are being sponsored to attend a month long art- camp in early 2004.
National Park Service Monuments Program
Provides comprehensive assistance to parks and other constituents in the US in the care of public sculpture and monuments. Services, publications, training.
NP Glass
Designers and creators of elegant and colorful glass objects for a full range of decorative and functional uses.
Okita Toshiki
Traditional Japanese Sculptures such as Noh-plyaers, and Buddhas.
Pearl River Wood Carvers
Mid-Mississippi wood carving club's classes, demonstrations and information on the annual wood carving show and competition.
Salvador Rosillo's--- Face On Mars
First Sculpture about the Face On Mars First presented in public at a press conference in Manhattan NYC, at the same time Pathfinder was landing on Mars in 1997.
Save America's Treasures
A private/public initiative to document all monuments and outdoor sculpture in the United States and to help communities preserve outdoor sculpture.
Sculptor's Web Ring
List of links to the websites of sculptor's original works.
Sculpture Zone
A consortium of sculptors and sculpture galleries who create and exhibit modern abstract sculpture.
Shona Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe
History of the art form, artists' biographies, pictures of pieces in parks and collections.
Soapstone Carving
Some images of soapstone carving with links to original sources.
Social Sculpture Research Unit
The Unit promotes and addresses interdisciplinary creativity and the relationship between the aesthetic, social process and sustainable development.
Stone Foundation
A resource for stoneworkers, masons, restoration specialists, and other people pursuing careers in stone.
Pioneer of Avant Guard sculpture in Catalonia in the second half of the twentieth century.
Traces Stone Sculpture Journal
Traces is a career resource for the international stone sculpture community which features news, opportunities, and a virtual gallery. In English and Japanese.
A group of sculptors present their wooden artworks at the yearly fair in Val Gardena, Italy, where wood carving is a tradition. Dates and details.
Western and American Sculpture
Classifieds, sales and shows pertaining to Western and American fine art, from Gebot.
Whetton and Grosch
Scenic artists, sculptors, makers and designers who create props, backcloths, models, replicas.
World Sensorium
A global social-olfactory sculpture by Gayil Nalls conceived as a monument to the planet and humanity at the millennium.