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Ars Astronautica, Bentley, Mitchell Davidson - Atomic Fly Studios, Bonestell Space Art, Garlick, Mark A., Glass Nebula Studio, Hardy, David A - AstroArt, International Association of Astronomical Artists, Johnson, B. E. - Space Art Gallery, Lauretta, J. A. - Astratta 2000, Lexus
Art Cars, Artists, Galleries, American Musclecar, Andorsen, Idar, Aussie Auto Art, Auto in Print, Bliss Custom Automotive Rendering, Eckert, W.B., Fritz, Tom, Gregory, Paula, Scalien Design
Aviation and Military
Cuddy, Robert N, Fields, Chris, Kennedy, Rob, MacMahan, Lawrence, Military Stained Glass, MLMP Arts, Ostroverhy, Sergio, Smith, Ken, Thorson, Michael, Trim, Mike
Folk Art
Artists, Galleries, Outsider Art, Roadside Attractions, Florida Folk, Folk Archive, FolkArt.LifeTips.com, Georgia Folk Art, Highwaymen, Art about Florida, History of Talavera Pottery, Mantram Art Foundation, Seven Quilts for Seven Sisters, Southern Arizona Folk Arts, The Folk Art Society of America
Guerrilla Art
Flash Mobs, Postering, Art Crimes, Britney Underground, KASTsystem, Inc., MSG-INC.ORG, Northern Arts Tactical Offensive (NATO), Pettek, The Praxis Group, Urbanize.org
Alampi, Alex Jr., Barber, John, Braben, Don, Charman, Rodney, Duncklee, Christopher S. - Maritime Art, Fortunato, Nancy - Lighthouse Impressions, Gow, Alan - Marine Artist, Mason, Debby - Marine Life Etchings, McMichael, Don, Paulsson, Olle - Maringalleriet
Nature and Wildlife
3ArtStudios.com, Anthony, Lyse, Antonishak, Tom, Artistic Nature, Artnessy, Berglund, Björn, Bryant Jr., Jack, Bryson Shelledy, Dollores, Butler, Murrell, Cancer Studios
Brazil, Amy, Calderwood, Dale - Reflections of the Spirit, Crawford, C. J. - Creature Kinships, Gadd, Aron - Animal Portraits, Laidman, Roberta - Laidman Productions, Nesbitt, Carol Lynn - Carol's Canvases, Nicod, Evelyne, Robinson, Peter, Shaulis, Heidi - Cat Paintings, Trasler, Janee
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Artists, Galleries, Personal Pages, Blue Moon Rising, Netherverse, Speculative Vision
Abergel, Jacques - Golf Artist, American Sport Art Museum and Archives, Bobbie's Gymnastics Drawings, Capparelli, Tony, Carlo Beninati Sports Artist, Cortes, Tim, Etched In Time, Fair, Kenna - Sportspainting.com, Patrick John, Art Gallery, SportsArt Australia
Artful Jesters
This website is dedicated to artists who take the "road less traveled" -- a pathway of visual expressions which runs contrary to the humorless and the mundane.
Fire Photos.com
Gallery of photo taken at fire scenes, and tips for taking better fire photos.
International Artists Images of Eyes
Gallery devoted solely to original paintings and images of eyes by international artists.
Payphones of the World
A library of payphone pictures. Submit a photo of a local payphone.
Picturing Business in America: Hedcuts in the Wall
Showcases the Wall Stree Journal's distinctive drawings of national celebrities, politicians and business men and women.
An informal group of artists, based in the UK, with a particular interest in caves and speleology.