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.COOP Registry
The portal for registering the ".coop" global top-level internet domain (exclusively for cooperatives).
Carroll County REMC
Member-owned internet service provider based in north-central Indiana. Offers web-mail, hosting, and domain name registration.
CLIQ Services Cooperative
CLIQ is a worker-owned and -operated Internet Service Provider and technical consulting cooperative based in Oakland (California, U.S.).
Colorado Internet Cooperative Association
A member-owned and operated Internet Service Provider providing dedicated Internet services at cost throughout Colorado. Includes general company information and a newsletter.
Corvallis Area Federated Wireless Access Providers
A non-profit organization of independent wireless internet access providers for the Corvallis (Oregon) area and surrounding communities. CAFWAP providers share their existing high speed internet connections with their neighbors using the ieee 802.11b wireless protocol standard.
Cisco Systems employees server cooperative. Links to homepages of Cisco employees.
Flying Brick Industries
Flying Brick Industries is a collective of artists and designers working to produce graphics, movie clips and visuals for the web and other applications. Site requires Quicktime 4, and includes movies, VR files, and 3D graphics work.
Gr0w Collective
A co-op offering hosting, domain names and web development for community projects. Includes product and service information, plus help and FAQ.
A non-profit organization whose charter is to teach, promote, and facilitate the use of the Internet in Laramie and Albany County, Wyoming. Meeting dates, and community information and website listings.
Mad Hatters' Club
Small UK based server cooperative. Includes information on starting new server co-ops.
Magnolia Road Internet Cooperative
A rural wireless Internet cooperative based near Colorado, aiming its services at less affluent communities.
National Information Solutions Cooperative
NISC provides integrated IT solutions for telecom and energy utilities.
Northern Colorado Internet Cooperative
Cooperative organized to reduce the cost of Internet connections by sharing the cost of a reliable, high speed Internet connection. Includes general company info.
Online Service Universe
The premier cooperative of Independent Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This growth-oriented organization functions as a vehicle by which ISPs establish an ISP-to-ISP (i2i) business network.
General information about this small server cooperative.
PopTel Technology
A worker cooperative that works primarily but not exclusively with organisations in the cooperative and social economy sector.
Project Crosswired
A Linux based server cooperative. Offers resources for groups interested in creating new server cooperatives, including server news, FAQs, and links.
Shipton-under-Wychwood Broadband Group
Campaign site and co-operative for stimulating interest in, and raising support for broadband access on the Shipton-under-Wychood exchange in the UK.
Sugar Loaf Internet Cooperative
Rural high-speed access provider near Boulder, Colorado. Includes general information and FAQ.
Tantric Technologies
Provides business computer services.
The River
An open, self-governing computer conferencing system. Includes general company information.
West Florida Electric
Member-owned Internet Service Provider located in north-western Florida. Includes service sign-up and bill payment options, and links for local news, weather and sports.
Worcester Computer Co-op
Information about a local co-op in Worcester, MA providing free computer and internet access to children, adults and seniors.