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Arctic Co-operatives Limited
Organization serving to promote Inuit and Dene owned businesses in Northern Manitoba, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories of Canada. Includes information about co-ops in general.
Avon CDA
Development and support services for co-operatives in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.
Cambridge CDA
Serving co-ops in and around Cambridge, UK. Includes a directory of co-ops and other social enterprises, sorted by name and business area.
CDA Dorset
Serving co-operatives in Dorset, UK.
Leicester & County CDA
CDA serving leicestershire. Includes information about co-ops.
Palestine Cooperative Development Unit
Works to strengthen the cooperative movement in Palestine and assist existing coops.
Rural Illinois Cooperative Development Center
Assists groups with all issues related to the establishment and operation of new and existing cooperatives.
SCENE (Cleveland CDA)
A partnership between Cleveland CDA and the University of Teeside, encouraging the use of electronic networking in the Tees Valley and surrounding area.
Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency
Provides free and confidential business advice.