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66 Communication, Inc.
Full service advertising agency located in New York, NY specializing in the asian-american market.
Accion Integrated Marketing
A consumer marketing firm specializing in the Arizona hispanic market.
A full service multicultural advertising and marketing agency located in New York primarily focused on the Asian market.
Affinity Media Asia
Provides advertising and media marketing services to advertisers and advertising agencies including planning and booking advertising for Chinese print, TV, radio, outdoor and Internet media.
Ahorre Marketing
Services for companies attempting to enhance their entry into the U.S. Hispanic market.
Akwan Strategic Media
Develops marketing and advertising campaigns aimed at ethnic communities in the United Kingdom.
Allied Media
Provides advertisers targeted access to ethnic markets.
A full-service marketing and communications firm specializing in the Asian American and Asian Indian markets. Services include media placement, event management, public relations, print, television and online creative development.
American Entertainment Marketing
A public relations and marketing agency that promotes to both the Spanish and English speaking latino markets for the entertainment industry.
American Multiple Voices
Focuses on multi-cultural marketing and advertising campaigns in the United States.
Anlas Studio
New York based Hispanic full service advertising design firm specializing in Spanish communications.
Apopsis Media, Inc.
A media and communication firm specializing in marketing to the Greek-American community.
Boston-based agency specializing in advertising and multicultural marketing.
ASB Communications
Multi-cultural full service advertising and public relations agency. We have expertise in the South Asian and Indo-Caribbean markets.
Avenida America
Offers marketing services and publishes Spanish-language yellow pages. Includes client list, employment opportunities and a newsletter. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Austin, Texas and Washington, DC.
Axiss Advertising
Full service advertising agency specializing in the Latin American and United States Hispanic market.
BCG Advertising Agency
Hispanic-owned advertising and public relations agency specializing in advertising services to the Hispanic market.
Bgmedia Design
Spanish advertising agency located in Barcelona, Spain.
Black Market Visual Communications
Offers visual communications, advertising and marketing services focusing on the youth and urban market.
An advertising and marketing company that specializes in targeting the African American and youth/hip hop consumer.
Non-traditional advertising, marketing and event promotion services targeted towards urban, Hispanic and Latino audiences.
Specialists in the French market.
Cinco Media Communications
Specializing in hispanic marketing, advertising, public relations, Spanish translation, video production and related services.
Comadres, Inc.
A multicultural marketing communications firm located in Chicago, IL that provides integrated marketing, sales promotion and advertising services to companies targeting minority consumers.
Crossover Creative Group
Full-service agency targeting African-American, Asian and Hipanic Markets.
Cultural Marketing Communications
An urban, ethnic marketing strategy firm with a concentration in the Hispanic, Asian and African American demographics. Details on creative solutions for web, radio, and print media.
Digital Media Solutions
Specializes in multicultural hispanic marketing and interactive advertising campaigns.
DQ Advertising Group
Provides advertising services targeted to the Latino demographic including strategic planning, media planning/buying, creative design, production, broadcast production and direct marketing.
Duarte & Associates
Hispanic media and marketing specialists. Includes company information and samples of work.
Envien Group
Identify, develop, and promote new business opportunities using business plans, multimedia, marketing communications, and online marketing with a focus in the Spanish speaking and Latin markets in the US and in Latin America.
Ethnic Marketing and Business Consulting, LLC
Creates multilingual media and marketing campaigns for manufacturing companies, advertising agencies, PR firms, and media companies with a specialization in marketing campaigns in Russian and others East European languages.
Ethnic Marketing Group, Inc.
A Hispanic advertising and promotions agency that creates culturally relevant, fully integrated advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns.
Ethnic Print Media Group
Multicultural media representative focusing on Hispanic advertising and African-American marketing.
A site to help advertisiers, media planners, buyers reach the South Asain markets in Canada.
Provides hispanic marketing and business development services in Atlanta, Georgia.
Hispanic Magazine Monitor
Advertising competitive intelligence for the United States Hispanic print market.
Hispanic Trending
A Latino marketing and advertising trends weblog.
A full-service advertising and promotions creative shop located in Chicago that focuses on a tri-generational approach to Hispanic marketing.
i-Hispanic Marketing Group
Targets the United States Latino market through search engine marketing and Internet strategy.
IAC Group
Integrated hispanic marketing communications company located in Miami, Florida.
Advertising network targeting the Indian and South Asian online community.
Provides market research and strategic consulting services to help managers make informed marketing decisions about Latin and Central American and Hispanic markets.
Intercultural Niche Strategies, Inc.
An entertainment marketing and strategic planning company specializing in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic groups in the United States.
A multicultural advertising agency which works primarily with Fortune 500 companies targeting the hispanic population.
Kisik Marketing and Communications
A Canadian-aboriginally owned company formed to serve the marketing needs of the Aboriginal tourism industry in Canada by assisting them to grow and prosper with a view towards self determination.
Latin Media Sources
Hispanic publicity agency offering print, broadcast, monitoring and event publicity.
Luminaria Marketing
A multicultural, urban, ethnic marketing that reaches and serves African American, Asian American, Native American and Latino populations through public relations, Internet marketing, advertising and other media.
MASS Promotions
Develops and executes turnkey promotional and marketing plans reaching the Hispanic market in the United States.
Maya Advertising and Communications
Develops communications campaigns for minority markets encompassing initial creative and production to placement and results measurement.
Media Reach Advertising
U.K.-based agency experienced in targeting Asian, African Caribbean, Arab and Chinese markets.
A hispanic advertising agency specializing in design located in the Bronx, New York.
Motiva Communications
Provides editorial access into the Senior, Hispanic, African American and Jewish markets by leveraging the power of a client?s media budget to reach, inform and motivate the target audiences.
Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc.
Public relations and marketing company representing corporations with multicultural news and experts in marketing to Hispanic, Asian American, African American, women, and other cultural markets.
Nick Mendoza
Provides advertising to reach consumers in the Hispanic market in Los Angeles, California.
Obo Team
A full service marketing and advertising agency based in San Antonio, Texas specializing in Hispanic culture with services that include everything from strategic planning and creative concept to full campaign implementation.
One Real World
Marketing agency and consulting firm dedicated to helping United States companies reach the Hispanic Internet user.
Oryx Communications
Full-service marketing and communications consultants with services including executive education and research that integrates business into Middle Eastern and North African cultures.
Papel Media Network
Serves as the cross-cultural bridge between corporations and hispanic newspapers across the country to help publishers reach the expectations of national advertisers and educate corporations on the characteristics of the hispanic market.
PM Publicidad
An Atlanta-based full-service advertising agency specializing in helping clients build brand preference among Hispanics. Capabilities include strategy, market research, creative, TV and radio commercial production, media buying and planning, events, promotions and interactive services.
Prime Access Inc.
Delevops multicultural marketing and advertising campaigns aimed at urban audiences.
Radio-TV Pilipino Network, Inc.
Filipino media and marketing firm specializing in Filipino consumer markets.
Response Advertising
Marketing communications firm that specializes in creating marketing and advertising solutions for the multicultural markets in Canada and the United States.
Silicon Hills Publishing
Full service advertising and marketing strategists to the Russian-speaking community in the United States and Canada.
Spark Media Lab
A multilingual communications agency based in Singapore that provides print, audio, interactive and web design.
Targeted Advertising Group
Focuses on marketing communications to reach niche consumer groups including the African American, Hispanic and Asian consumer market.
A full-service electronic publicity and broadcast public relations company that helps organizations reach the Hispanic population by placing stories about the company's product or service on Spanish-language television and other broadcast media.
The San Jose Group
A consortium of marketing communications companies specializing in reaching the Hispanic and non-Hispanic markets of the U.S. and Latin America.
A creative and branding services resource for businesses, advertising and direct marketing agencies, web production companies, and hispanic advertising agencies.
TrendZip Group
Trend analysis, marketing, and product design consulting to help businesses succeed in China by providing the local knowledge, customer insight, and design solutions necessary to target the Chinese market.
Agency specializing in visual communication strategies for the hispanic markets,
Wasabi Kikaku, Inc.
A Japanese-oriented creative development and marketing agency located in New York, New York.
A weblog about concepts, principles and news on marketing to women.
WW Innovative Group, Inc.
A full-service marketing consulting agency offering integrated advertising and media services to companies targeting the Persian market.
Advertising focused on Hispanic markets and businesses.