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Tools and Equipment
Advanced Marine, American Marine and Machinery Company, DredgeMasters International, Inc., Dredging Equipment Register, Dredging Supply Company, Duncan & Russell (Vic) Pty Ltd, IMS Dredge, IMS Dredges, Keene Engineering, Liquid Waste Technology
Anderson Dredging
International dredging and hydraulic land reclamation consulting firm.
Anthony D. Bates Partnership
Dredging and coastal consulting engineers for land reclamation, marina construction, and dock formation projects.
Ballast Neddam Dredging
Executes world-wide dredging projects and related activities.
Central Dredging Association
An independent, non-profit, non-governmental, professional society for the dredging industry serving Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.
Dredge America
Dredges marinas, boat slips, boat basins, lakes, navigation channels, ponds, lagoons, and sand using portable, hydraulic dredges.
Medium for recruitment within the dredging industry, providing a chance for human resources departments and job seekers to use dredging news online to promote their vacancies and resumes.
Dredging International
Capital and maintenance dredging, land reclamation and port construction company affiliated with the DEME Group.
Dredging Specialists
Provides dredging services, consulting, custom dredges.
Dutch Dredging
Dredging company in The Netherlands with 18 ships.
ENCO Dredging
Specialists in cleaning industrial wastes and siltation from settling ponds, lakes, and canals.
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company
Dredging contractor with a fleet of hydraulic cutterhead, clamshell, backhoe, trailing suction hopper dredges, drillboats and attendant plant. The company maintains marine yards in six locations.
Inner Space Dredging Services, Inc.
Dredging and marine contractor specializing in hydraulic, mechanical and environmental dredging.
International Association of Dredging Companies
120-member organization for contractors in the private dredging sector.
International Dredging Review
A trade journal for the dredging industry, reporting on the full spectrum of events and issues in the industry.
Jan De Nul N.V.
International contractor specializing in dredging, land reclamation, heavy lifting, offshore and environmental services.
Javeler Dredging
Hydraulic dredging contractor and equipment company.
Koester Companies
Construction, dredging, environmental and mining services.
Mama's Potomac Dredging
A small firm specializing in maintenance dredging of channels and marina slips.
Marine International Dragage
A Canadian company specializing in marine dredging of port basins, access channels, navigation channels, inland waterways, and lakes. Site is in English and French.
Michigan Hydraulic Dredging
Over-the-road dredging company for small marinas, trout ponds, lake restorations and similar industrial projects.
Mudbucket Dredging
Dredging and marine service company serving Craven, Carteret, Onslow and Beaufort Counties as well as the Palmico Sound areas.
Netherlands Dredging & Channels Ltd.
Execution of dredging works using trailing suction hopper dredgers. Provision of hydro-graphic surveys, project management, and consultancy.
OCI Engineering Sdn Bhd
Engaged in consultancy, design, supply and construction of alluvial dredges and mining plants.
Specialists in marine dredging and the production of aggregate, gravel and sand. Based in Mexico.
Rohde Nielsen A/S
Specialist in capital and maintenance dredging, land reclamation and coastal defence such as beach nourishment.
Royal Boskalis Westminster nv
Operates worldwide for the construction and maintenance of harbours andwaterways, land reclamation, and coastal defences, and riverbank protection.
United Dredging Corporation
Offers dredging, mining and engineering services world wide for land & beach reclamation and development, mineral mining and siltation dredging. Specializing in the Caribbean.
Van Oord ACZ
Dredging and marine contractors, specialized in dredging, offshore services and coastal construction projects.
Western Dredging Association
Promotes the exchange of knowledge in fields related to dredging, navigation, marine engineering and construction.
World Dredging Mining and Construction Magazine
Worldwide dredging, mining, marine construction magazine published monthly. Serving ports, waterway and coastal agencies, and private industry with news, company updates and general information.